Intelligent handset PDA for the barcode system - warehouse Storage equipment management to solve the problem! _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-08-03
Salesman PDA handheld terminal intelligent equipment, the company stores, exhibition halls, warehouses, shang chao deng, barcode scanning. Clearly know the product information, inventory information, scan or order quantity of the input, and the company's computer networking, no agent to record the single, the system automatically take price tracking, generated directly enters sells saves the documents ( Sales orders, sales orders and sales return, purchase order, receipt, stock return) 。 Solve the new business people don't understand the goods, can't remember the price, copy items is less, computer entry personnel catalogue numerous vexed, warehousing and distribution lag, business a series of problems such as difficult to manage. The essence of the PDA system bar code recognition is a non-contact automatic identification technology, it through radio frequency signal automatically identify target and get the relevant data, identify work without manual intervention, it can work in all kinds of bad environment. Bar code recognition technology can recognize the moving objects and can identify multiple bar code at the same time, fast and convenient operation. In case of the garment industry. Detailed understanding PDA devices can be to solve the problem of which: 1, product variety, quantity is large, large data will cause the management of 2, as long as it is difficult to think of words daily statistics, there will always be a account is not consistent, and inventory is prone to errors when heavy difficulties. 3, too much inventory information is difficult to control, affect the market reaction to the whole. 4, different kinds of goods, quantity is big, goods difficult to find. 5, industry competition is intense, the lack of effective business process management approach, will become more and more difficult. 6, the efficiency of inventory has not been full play, the cost is high. 7, warehouse data through password protection, that its content is not easy to be forged and altered. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. (intelligent handset PDA manufacturers sweep code eight gun storage equipment management, the system can generate inventory clothing warehouse, can real-time monitoring and update, better management of the warehouse.
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