Intelligent self-service scan times, embedded two-dimensional bar code reading device, power self-service terminal manufacturers to innovation!

by:Fdata     2020-06-14
In an era of rapid development of science and technology, the embedded two-dimensional bar code reading device is ubiquitous to use in a variety of situations, make intelligent self-service scanning has a very wide range of applications. Such as LV4500L long-distance qr code scanning module used in highway toll station/parking charges such as long-distance scanning, on the phone's screen qr code rapid induction to read; If the LV4300 qr code identification equipment embedded self-help vending machine and code is formed, used to expand function of scan qr code charge; Such as LV4200 qr code scanning module embedded tunnel gate, fusion of qr code identification, acquisition and real-time data transmission features, thus a quick scan qr code identification paper/screen data, and integrate the function such as sweep code check-in docking with the fare collection system. 。 。 And the key to implement such self-help scan function requires an embedded two-dimensional bar code read, read the qr code modules, qr code to read engine, qr code scanning module. Qr code scanning module's main function is used to scan the paper documents and mobile phone screen a d / 2 d barcode, fully mix barcode self-help recognition and data transmission performance, but unlike the scanner, it can only be embedded use. Such products are usually applied in embedded intelligent entrance guard, channel brake machine, kiosks, bus payment, parking equipment, intelligent garbage pigeon-hole, collect the tickets, locker, logistics ark, lottery machine gun, yards, PDA, industrial flat, ultra-light, medical equipment, handheld devices, intelligent pos terminals, assembly line equipment need to scan qr code of qr code to read the industry. A classic case: LV4500L long-distance qr code scanning module used in highway toll station/parking fee such as long-distance scanning LV4500L two-dimensional scanning module over a long distance to be embedded projects such as high-speed toll/parking fees for long-distance scanning, only when the owner with toll out pay treasure, pay WeChat qr code in a sweeping code mouth gently brush can be quick to pay a toll. Consider that the average scanning module, depth of field is short, easy to cause defects such as narrow field of vision the owner in the present mobile payment code when it is difficult to identify, therefore using qr code scanning module LV4500L qr code scanning over a long distance to optimize the custom sensor features, can be in 1. 2 m or so precise reading code, in order to obtain better performance. LV4500L is well suited for cosco distance qr code scanning applications, such as parking automatic scan code capture to expend, highway distance code payment. 。 。 Classic case 2: LV4300 embedded qr code read device embedded in the self-help vending machine payment/payment terminal formed on the induction area with LV4300 embedded two-dimensional barcode read device can realize the alipay, WeChat payment function, form payment induction zone in self-service vending machine, thereby helping with self-service terminal manufacturers to innovation. For users will be more secure and convenient in use, for self-service equipment manufacturers, through the qr code decoding hardware equipment and its secondary development ability let the traditional hardware basis is provided for self-service equipment upgrades, enrich the means of payment of the original equipment, and allow the user to follow the trend of The Times to enjoy convenient mobile payment, causes it to become more enterprise competitiveness. Learned, LV4300 embedded professional qr code scanner to read a screen d / 2 d barcode, especially for mobile phone screen code to read on the processing of light made of special technical check, even if the mobile phone screen to stick the color film, under the dark screen, strong or weak light, and so on and so forth can be read easily; IP54 industrial grade of dust-proof waterproof function, even if they are in the dark for a long time and complicated various machines inside still can keep sensitive scanning performance. LV4300 is suitable for all kinds of payment terminals on the integrated application of use, quickly and accurately read a qr code, the phone's screen, such as self-help vending machine, self-help order machine, bus pay and collect the tickets, lottery machine, entrance guard, visit passenger terminal, intelligent garbage pigeon-hole, self-help payment terminal. 。 。 Classic case 3: LV4500R qr code identification module embedded in the intelligent entrance guard/channel brake on a sweeping code is formed LV4500R qr code automatic identification equipment can embed intelligent entrance guard/channel brake on a sweeping code is formed and the implementation of linkage, when we only through the entrance guard brake machine out code in the code or the phone's screen paper scan code mouth a brush, on the sensing patterns, almost no stay, valve will open automatically after verified identity information. LV4500R the adoption COMS industrial-grade image recognition sensing technology, the decoding performance is strong, rapid code to read all kinds of paper, a two dimensional barcode screen, easy to use embedded, without additional mounting bracket, cost-effective, quite useful. Classic case 4: LV30 two-dimensional barcode scanning module embedded handheld devices in order to improve the traditional scanning performance, promote the handset application of innovation and development of embedded barcode scanning module LV30 USES global unique two-dimensional decoding chip, excellent performance, ultra small volume, light weight, image acquisition unit and decoding board integration design let you don't have to worry about the thickness of the embedded and installation space and, it is easy to embed extremely small handheld devices easy to read in the paper, plastic card, LCD display and so on all kinds of medium density 1 d / 2 d barcode ( Including damaged, defiled qr code) , even in bright sunlight can accurate scanning bar code; Can apply various kinds of integrated application, such as pdas, sweep the yard gun products, POS terminals, tablet, hand-held, medical diagnostics, blood analyzer, line up your turn equipment, intelligent household store content ark. 。 。
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