Intelligent system advantage of order

by:Fdata     2020-05-29
With the continuous development of the Internet era, all kinds of the size of the online trading market is also growing, especially in the food industry. Several years of growth, online trading has become a food industry an important part of business operations and promotion. Due to differences in the content of the food industry and people oriented, can lead to differences in food and beverage category and catering business form. In this case, will inevitably appear different Internet service platform and the tools of catering businesses. Originally, cashier for the food industry, it is one thing more cumbersome and inefficient. And now the emergence of intelligent system, not only from a certain level to avoid the human error, and greatly improves the accuracy of cashier report. Small take charge of a new generation of intelligent system for catering business order of the operation of businesses have the effect of an integrated, first is to improve the operating efficiency of the restaurant, saving time and labor costs, is convenient for restaurant managers to analyze business data. Below small make up is to simply describe small order take charge of a new generation of intelligent system advantages. Order 1, autonomous system independent of cashier order undoubtedly can avoid the phenomenon of one-on-one order to the waiter hands are full, do not need the waiter leaflets, back and forth, shorten the time of order to serving customer self-service kitchen and front desk synchronous print after the order some food, it is expected to reduce peak customer churn rate 30%. Frequency, to increase the order to clinch a deal for the restaurant to save labor costs. 2, independent settlement payment through multiple channels. Customers can choose any payment way, according to their own demand payment method simple and quick, do not need to line up. Can save a lot time to queue among customers and settlement. 3, level of member management score, top-up amount, all can classify consumer information, help businesses more precise and targeted marketing. 4, system to improve customer service experience intelligent consumer experience, improve service efficiency of the store. Self-help order to save customers queuing, equipotential time, abundant food information to satisfy customers personalized needs. Customer self-service order all the way, can intelligent numeral system, natural dining experience for customers and step by step. 5, big data management background to master the key. Manager is a key customer information management can be realized easily and stores operate situation summary print, turnover, delivery ratio, food orders. Financial, inventory turnover, day/month system collected, the bills can be smart shops just after the store closed a key queries, without having to also spend a lot of time and effort count, intelligent system records as well as to avoid the human oral mistakes. 6, support order take-out customers scan code to complete the selling point. Order in the effective use of, can break the traditional way to bring inconvenience, effective connection via the Internet, businesses can be in for a short time the endogenous output more ingredients and promote out, in the true sense of saving the cost of manpower and material resources and productivity. Let establishments were wider profit. Small system will take charge of a new generation of intelligent order order restaurant reservations, cashier and food and beverage data analysis and so on in series with the actual needs of the catering enterprises, designed to reduce the operating costs of catering enterprises, improve the operating efficiency of catering enterprises, make the management of the catering enterprises have become more simple and easy.
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