Introduction to pay 2019 - — From the brush face pay to block chain

by:Fdata     2020-06-13
Brush face and chain block is the 2019 payment side hot new things. Two technologies was already a long time, once commercially available and by extension, to talk about. Market participants actively innovation, form a complete set of regulatory measures need, social phenomena, however, regulators to grasp the scale, prudential rules and regulations, on how to achieve innovation and regulation of the best balance point connection flight from, in order to promote the efficiency of society as a whole and risk minimization of pareto improvement. 2019 brush face of the first year of pay in recent years, pay treasure, WeChat, China unionpay successively into the brush face payment market. Pay treasure to new concepts in hangzhou in 2017 KFC restaurants global brush face pay first, in 2018 in jiangxi province people's hospital of brush face to pay online, during the Spring Festival in 2019 to the 345 cities sink brush face pay step by step, aggressively layout infiltration. In 2018, pay treasure to dragonflies series brush face after payment equipment, use brush face pay merchants and user scale growth up to 10 times on average, brush face pay 2 ~ 3 times the average permeability increased. In April 2019, pay treasure to subsidies to pay 3 billion yuan to promote brush face; In September, the launch two new dragonfly brush face after payment equipment, needed to adjust for no limit, designed to improve efficiency of cashier, prompted merchants checkout to realize digital marketing, promoting dragonflies series equipment it is comprehensive management and service of the digital business platform. Alipay continues to brush on the consumer end face of marketing, consumer habits, special planning and help businesses to develop their own service, through the cloud, small programs, etc. , pay the overall ecological building brush face. WeChat brush face pay pay was introduced in 2018, with the frog equipment for standard pay treasure dragonflies series. In August 2019, WeChat payment released in Shanghai including zero rates, service providers to 0. 2% commission and base material, the new policy, such as subsidies of 10 billion yuan. In December of 2018, China unionpay said unionpay cardholders can be more than in Beijing, Shanghai business experience brush face payment services; In October 2019, China unionpay and industrial and commercial bank, agricultural bank, bank of China, such as more than 60 financial institutions issued a new intelligent brush face pay pay products, China unionpay's unionpay business then brush face pay products nationwide to pay the blue whale, the move by the market interpreted as a side brush face pay admission, marks the new payment approved, is expected to become more common, also become brush face pay first in 2019. Brush a face for the face recognition technology at the same time of improving the user experience, the technology against aggression and security challenges facing increasingly serious, including privacy, algorithm vulnerability, prosthesis and the attack, such as in vivo regulation than financial category, to be the top design, form the network safety 'the personal information protection act' data safety 'for the trunk, many details of terms and related standards for the branches and leaves of multidimensional and integrated supervision system, strict controls of systemic risk. Brush face offline payment technology is mature, are the basic conditions of pilot application, specification guide to help promote offline application accepts the environment resources use efficiency, to inspire innovative financial system in our country. Pay online brush face many risks exist, temporary don't have the application conditions, it is necessary to promote the trusted execution environment ( 三通) , safety unit ( SE) To upgrade the technology such as risk control measures. At present, face recognition + payment password is both safe and convenient way to accomplish this, the integrated use of pay for password, living tools, data labels, etc, in order to strengthen the management of identity authentication, implement multi-factor trading, increase transaction security strength, promote trade nonrepudiation ability. Slurry sampling of the people's bank of chief priests Li Weizeng wrote, will be in accordance with the networking of the people's bank of gm, safe and controllable friendly, convenient, easy to promote the principle of explore the use of a password identification, privacy, calculation, data labels, such as pattern recognition technology, a breakthrough 1: N pay face recognition application performance bottlenecks, building face feature as routing identification mode of transfer of the people's bank of clearing, will face feature as the medium of associated payment account, password, non-inductive living in detecting methods such as implementing transaction authentication, the user can not rely on the external medium security easily complete the payment. Will also speed up the perfect biological recognition technology of the people's bank of the application of financial regulation, a clear personal biometric information collection, transmission, storage and use of safety management requirements, providing institutional guarantee for biometrics financial applications. Chain technology in payment applications to the ground the block chain is distributed books, records, the books of the transmission and storage activities are on the distributed network, on the basis of decentralized integrated the technologies of cryptography, can achieve high rate of fault tolerance and high security. Distributed books of the entire network open, cannot be tampered with. If, brush face pay is based on financial technology new payment method and application of the original underlying architecture, so, when block chain technology gradually developed into a financial technology supporting technology, the bottom of the pattern will change the payment, and improve the existing financial service, financial service efficiency, accelerating change other related industry.
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