Inventory from the university that something, wisdom dining room to the advantage of the solution!

by:Fdata     2020-05-12
When it comes to college canteens, believes that many people would think, that is probably the most imperfect part of campus life, the years long, those years of dozen vegetables aunt, could continue to work for many years, still cafeteria there will be a lot of resistance to the unit and helpless, the recent wisdom canteen also let everyone in to the fire, wisdom canteen is the solution? The answer is definitely yes, below is from the first college canteens faults, a contrast to hurt: 1, dining canteen efficiency to the low efficiency of ascension: students in the archives mouths have a meal time, due to the dining hall meal time, will cause heavy line, great impact on the efficiency of meals and dining experience. 2, communication does not reach the designated position, dining room and there is no interaction between diner, lack of communication bridge, canteen published messages fail to convey to students, canteen diner food preferences do not understand, can't meet the demand of the taste of diners. 3, lack of supervision and feedback mechanism for traditional dining room, food quality and variety are often cannot meet the students needs, cause student discontent, complaints, greatly effects the reputation of the canteen, caused a large number of students don't like to eat in the canteen. 4, canteen management lack of decision support the canteen management data cannot be accurately in real time, can't provide decision analysis basis for managers, it is difficult to make rapid scientific management decision, once the dining room there is a problem, can make the canteen manager in a passive state. 5, the lack of a scientific and reasonable dining room internal canteen management system from purchasing, internal management costs, inventory, report forms and so on a series of work process without elaboration, coherent rise, to meet a smart and efficient internal management system of the canteen. Wisdom canteen system is a covering catering management the whole process of group meal management system, in view of the college canteen scene, joint mobile Internet trend of The Times, innovation to build a convenient mode of canteen, the school teachers and students can provide new mobile Internet information service, help the canteen to abandon the traditional catering management shortcomings, direct operation management core, by inside and outside building concept, advanced technology of the Internet in advance group meal solutions. Wisdom dining room to the benefits of school! 1, the students don't have to carry the meal card when repast. 2, students are not inadequate because balance to repast. ( Overdraft meal, owe remind) 3, students no longer have a meal card is lost, damaged, card). 4, improve the management efficiency, save the management cost. 5, procurement inventory control, accurate control purchasing cost, reduce waste, put an end to food security problems. 6, establish and improve the food safety traceability system, can quickly trace item consumption of students. 7, the campus with the science community, behavior of wisdom campus, become brothers school demonstration base. The school canteen, increase the service, strengthen the dining room and students' interaction.
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