It is very important to store cashier system software 丨 last year that open in the fruit store seems to have gone!

by:Fdata     2020-05-25
Once again into the familiar and unfamiliar neighborhood, last year I went to see the shop vigorous the fruit shop, just on the glass door at the gate of four characters location transfer, zhang said, lived in this village for several years, because she likes to eat fruit, so basically ripe fruit store in the community which the price is right, which fresh, how do you like our boss, understand a bit. But didn't come for a long time, turn a circle found that the once very popular fruit shop should also toward the end of the transfer. Since it's location, why want to transfer, actually understand that people know that this is just give yourself a step, for not done or are about to find business opportunities, may look at location of two words, not all of a sudden thought of is not down. For the fruit shop frequented by his sudden transfer, is already bought early, zhang added, had set up shop, quite busy, because often buy fruit to eat, so naturally with the shop owner familiar, talked just know, originally he is a new people into the stores. The boss for fruit industry, is not very understanding, in the process of open a shop of preparation, ate some losses in the first place in the search for the supply of goods. Fruit sources, logistics aging and freshness can not guarantee, transportation cost is higher, for the fruit that is less than one hundred square meters, can't afford it, so can only take the goods to the local wholesale market. But price is not so stable, daily supply of goods from more than one place, the same fruit quality and taste is quite different from that for the often buy fruit or be fond of a certain kind of fruit is not too friendly. Period, in the process of operation, because of bad upfront for keeping fresh controls the fruit of the damage degree is very big, although late did cold storage preservation in the stores, but the cost is up again, and hire an assistant store, and competition and rising rents, a year's time, finally died. Actually the most let zhang eyebrows a wrinkly, or operation, and the lack of store management, it is known to all, a qualified fruit shop, electronic scales, cash register software, cold storage, personnel management, allocate goods are standard, and also to do full diagonal, but the fruit shop, the lack of a lot. The early stage of the cold storage, and the damage of goods fruit is not fresh, started a bad image of stores; Don't use the professional fruit store cashier system, USES a WeChat such payment, pay treasure, combined with electronic balance, as for the inventory and settlement, inventory management, it should be depend on human; Clerk rather more, cause resources do not match, increase spending on labor in vain, plus hydropower spending the rent of a day, for stores had load growth more heavy, moreover has lasted for a year; Single and promotion scheme, the user to store rate is not high. Store the rise and fall of any industry, in addition to luck, by means of is operated, understanding of the anatomy of the industry, professional knowledge of marketing management, coupled with professional and efficient store cashier system software, to win a place in the fierce market, rather than a single intrusion, grey head grey face. So, I think about it, like this in the end to the transfer of the store, management is very important, the use of the hardware and software.
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