Japan is known as the 'kingdom of convenience store', why only now beginning to use self-service checkout!

by:Fdata     2020-05-10
After the outbreak, unmanned seems to become a popular keywords. From instead of hand temperature measurement of non-contact temperature measuring terminal automatically, to the mountain of fire within the hospital using self-service register instead of artificial unmanned supermarket cashier, unmanned besides means efficient, under the background of the outbreak means more safety. No human contact, whether in the temperature measurement attendance access control or retail scene, can reduce the risk. Customers in the use of convenience stores the non-contact self-service register no one convenience stores, supermarkets, diy sell container, etc. , in the past is to deploy hub at the station, the airport waiting area and other places, need not too much social demand, after buying the walk. There is no retail in play to the role of efficient shopping here. No one but beyond that, convenience stores, supermarkets, diy sell container no retail industry as well as what waiting for us to dig new scenes and new application? Japan's convenience store giant rosen also in February 18, 2020, issued the first unmanned convenience stores. Why convenience store industry is so developed in Japan, for there is no retail so cautious? In fact, Japan's no convenience store and self-help cashier, is an opportunity and challenge. Opportunity is due to an aging society and the country is serious, the human cost is high. Some convenience stores due to the shortage of manpower, can shorten the operating time. Rosen, President of bamboo increased their virginity letter said, in order to ensure the store can open 24 hours a day, rosen will increase self-help cashier to pay and the digital transformation. Lawson convenience store use self-service checkout and code the challenge is to Japan to introduce self-help convenience store cashier and unmanned, terms of payment have lack of China's most common mobile payment. Japan itself more use credit card to pay, but in China, people use more code to pay. To realize self-help self-help pay cash, needs to have a unified payment as far as possible. Swept Japan although there are currently carrying out code to pay, but due to join the code to pay service providers too scattered, is easy to use. So introduce self-help cashier and unmanned convenience store has the certain difficulty. It is worth noting is that Japan's convenience store items is very rich, especially the table class of goods. These goods shelf life is short, and in the evening need people play on discount, it is difficult to use self-service checkout instead. In this environment, the most sensible thing to do is not to implement unmanned convenience store, but the use of self-help cash register clerk from tedious cashier work, defected to the packaging, shelves, food making and providing services such as work, reduce the workload and human cost consumption.
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