Jewelry store the function of intelligent marketing system of cashier 丨 improve the efficiency of operational management

by:Fdata     2020-07-20
Edge in the old phoenix, century, China's gold, gold leaf jewelry, kimberly, chow tai fook, sovereign, longfeng jewelry fate. 。 。 。 As the representative of the first batch of jewelry enterprises has pioneered the use of intelligent marketing system of cashier, not only can let the consumer can convenient on mobile devices know jewelry products, added to the consumer's trust on jewelry products. What are the functions below to see the system? ( Jewelry store cashier system) Outbreak of jewelry store cashier marketing system has what function? 1, convenient front desk sales functions. System can achieve comprehensive wholesale retail, jewelry business, customer returns, Commodity Exchange, members integral, automatically send the purchase information, and other functions, can meet various practical needs of the business on the counter. 2, the rich statistics report query and analysis function. The system to provide just-in-time inventory report ( The detail and summary) , time sales report, integrated business detail report, monthly report, enters sells saves the sales statistics analysis contrast, sales over the same period, commodity enters sells saves the analysis, the member consumption analysis, etc. Rich and powerful query, statistic and analysis function, can let you understand the actual operation situation of enterprises at any time, provide truthful and accurate data basis for the decision of the enterprise. 3, gold jewelry enterprise profit analysis. Corporate profits at a glance: powerful profit statement statistics, automatic statistical goods price, cost, profit, through the enterprise inspection of the whole company operation profit are in good condition. On the store monthly turnover, profit and so on carries on the analysis comparison, to focus on management, create profit more stores to divert more resources to these stores, and lower profits for stores to make corresponding policy adjustments. 4, inventory reconciliation function. Systems support bar code scanning guns scanning inventory inventory a variety of ways. Conditional word, with the aid of inventory scan machine or bar code scanning guns for goods inventory can greatly shorten the time of the inventory. 5, member management functions. Support member level, members integral, upgrade, preferential, membership card prepaid phone, customer pays a return visit, and membership function such as automatic remind memorial day. Perfect member management function, for you to provide quality services to members and retain old customers to provide an effective guarantee. Can set different integral rules according to different category. 6, staff cut function. Can set different commission rules according to different category. Support sales commission set, commission analysis capabilities. Provides a quick commission analysis report for the enterprise. ( Jewelry store member management system)
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