Know brush face OEM OEM payment system source code, the aggregation payment system developed independently!

by:Fdata     2020-06-08
Mobile payment is an important entry offline digital economy, pay economy occupies an important share of the market. Traditional mobile payments with password and fingerprint as the main medium, although convenient, but on the safety and convenience to breakthrough. Password is easy to crack, the fingerprint is easy to copy technology. So in today to pay under the prevailing trend, there is an urgent need to a more safe and convenient payment. So, brush face pay arises at the historic moment. Pay for this industry, then brush target face a lot of people are eager to join in, including a common way is to buy system source code, oneself do system services, and then recruit generation, the promotion of market. The custom brush face payment system source code, OEM OEM, how be to return a responsibility? Custom brush face payment system source code, fast into the brush for strong company face the payment industry, opened the green channel. We look at the first brush face payment system customization mode ( The customer perspective) Model a: full set of custom service brand this pattern includes services multi-level management platform, membership marketing platform, small program membership marketing platform, merchants reconciliation platform, etc. Model 2: requirements type custom services provide customers requirements apply to the official development and official request payment application developers to access product service one-stop brand customization. Mode 3: the independence of private cloud deployment cashier member system brand custom + docking official service channel ( Pay treasure WeChat dual channel service providers and docking) For merchants to want to do aggregation pay, also can do polymerization payment system independent deployment: support plug-in docking the cash register, cashier mode independently, membership marketing system. Can realize merchants quick deployment, installation and brush face and sweep code payment aggregation. System can support pay treasure payment, WeChat payments, unionpay pay, wing, baidu wallet payment, jingdong, QQ wallet to pay such as the mainstream of payment. What is brush face stick a card payment system? Is easy to understand, is directly to use the system of brush face payment providers, source deployment buyout, gives its own brand name, independent system background, independent defined sales, enroll in the generation of the infinite. Brush face stick a card payment system can obtain the benefits of and benefits: 1, enjoy the name all merchants trading water FenRun and state subsidies, the quotient of OEM brand; 2, brush face equipment large screen ads real-time wheel + payment after pop-up ads page, double advertising forms a profit; 3, cashier machines take cost price goods, the market price resale merchants; 4, downwards in the generation of charge and fee, and participate in the signing merchants trading water pump; 5, to help businesses in alipay, WeChat opened small businesses such as cashier, access to the service charge program; Number 6, help businesses to build exclusive WeChat public platform, intelligent member system, an e-card volumes, more than the marketing functions such as online mall. To sum up, the next three years to brush face pay prospects but period, brush face to pay for a full-blown is just a matter of time. According to past experience, anything new is incoming as better. To seek business opportunities or transformation of the entrepreneurs and personally, brush face payment program is an excellent entrepreneurial new opportunities.
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