Knowledge point not to be missed, fine steak wisdom canteen management doorway!

by:Fdata     2020-06-08
Dinner with user demand grows, traditional canteen management model has gradually behind, armed by informationization means becoming popular the wisdom of the canteen. Compared to the traditional canteen management pattern, dining room by means of informatization, digital, intelligent wisdom let repast user experience brand-new. Southern medical university by transformation and upgrading of traditional dining room for the high level + the wisdom of high-tech canteen in appearance, not only gives users the convenience of repast, also brought new dining experience to repast users. Decorate good repast environment, elegant atmosphere diners place oneself among them relax, various stalls in the canteen, supermarkets and specialty shops such as mobile payment system can use wisdom to the canteen, user operation is very convenient. The fourth canteen lunchtime, the meal is highly concentrated. By paying attention to the public, according to the system prompt for face recognition after binding, you can freely in various archives mouths choose dishes. Dishes here is very rich, rice porridge, pastry, fruits, rice and hot and cold dishes are open self-service options, the dish, a price can satisfy the tastes of different people. Take food as long as the tray will be smart and settlement stage, the terminal will identify the personal information, choose food types, key specifications such as clear display on the electronic screen, users can real-time settlement after confirmation, and record the order push to the public, dialog boxes, convenient user query. When repast users to insufficient number through public remind user account balance is insufficient, need to be prepaid phone. Such novel dining and settlement way, let everybody methodically take fast food meals, you not only feel the efficiency of ascension, virtually satisfaction also greatly enhanced. Systems that can perform wisdom canteens data feedback, has obvious advantages compared to traditional canteen management mode, the prominent change: first of all, by order and comprehensive analysis of historical data, can accurate equipment eat, reduce the food waste. Dishes come undone, according to their own needs to grasp food volume, conducive to national advocacy of CD, also let diners eat more affordable. Second, food sales of big data, users' personal taste preferences can guide the canteen do budget, effectively reduce the cost of ingredients, 20% reduced by more than 90% of kitchen waste. At the same time, with the aid of terminal equipment, can effectively reduce the canteen manual labor, the rational allocation of cashier, dozen vegetables, procurement, prepaid phone, performance analysis personnel positions, the overall labor costs to reduce the canteen. In addition, Ming kitchen bright kitchen, food retention samples, food traceability, detect pesticide residues, and other functions can also be produced by the effective regulation process, to ensure food safety. The popularity of the canteen, wisdom let repast users not to take some food, brush face can have a meal, back filling facilities, dining is novel, the generally high customer satisfaction. Along with society's progress, the dining room is also quietly changing, dining room is open wisdom dining new era. Diners yearning for a better canteen is our goal! Let's take advantage of new science and technology work together to create more users with the dining room
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