Kunming subway will pilot brush face travel will build nanping street 'brush face payment' street

by:Fdata     2020-04-29
On January 16, from yunnan province development and reform commission at the time theme of a news conference that in January, the kunming subway will brush face travel pilot, will build nanping street brush face pay a street. How's the progress of digital construction in yunnan? Provincial development and reform commission division director Chen Fengzhao from a mobile phone series, data accumulated resources, key areas such as digital application for detail. Use digital town characteristic town is a new exploration of digital applications, mainly relying on a mobile phone platform in yunnan province, in precise control, huimin service, ecological livable areas such as digital applications. Town in lijiang dayan ancient city digital launch since the construction has achieved initial results. According to introducing, at present, the dayan ancient city has completed the scenic spot name card, guide Tours, live AI knowledge view, slow, intelligent parking lot, the good faith system construction, etc. All the work. The main street has realized the brush face pay, 5 g and 5 g sweep road car no patrol car 5 g no shops one after another. At the same time, the application of modern technology to make history and culture exhibition hall, displaying the lijiang history and culture, folk customs, historical events, etc. Digital kunming has also been gradually changed from virtual to reality, such as travel brush face. Brush face engineering is the important institutional and institutional arrangement in the construction of the digital yunnan, kunming, in the province take the lead in implementation, mainly the face recognition technology is widely used in transportation, accommodation, catering, identification and other fields. At present, relying on a cell phone in yunnan, sofitel hotel and brush WangHu hotel has face, the expo, the stone forest scenic spot, yunnan ethnic village scenic spots such as brush face into the garden. Next, the kunming metro line 4 and line 6 pilot site will brush face travel. Before the end of February 2020, in nanping street justice road business circle pay 2000 brush face equipment installation, create brush face pay a street. Reporter noticed that the wangfujing shopping center, part of the mall has enabled brush face pay equipment, with the popularity of new technology, there will be more and more consumers to accept the facilitation of the means of payment. In addition, actively promote the data accumulated resources in yunnan, the national anti-drug big data center in yunnan, China forestry data center, China forest right trade ( Collection and storage) Center, national agricultural rural large data of yunnan branch national data center located in yunnan province.
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