La cara payment service dedicated to scene, optimization of integrated payment experience

by:Fdata     2020-07-23
Facing the current diversified consumption market, more and more pay channel scene construction has become the focus of the industry. With the rapid advance of the age of the mobile payment, together with the application of Internet technology and rising, China's total retail sales of social consumer goods declared the pos machine intelligent transformation has become the trend of The Times. As a leading domestic third-party payment enterprises, kara in the fierce market competition is thanks to the widespread use of big data analysis, and on the polymerization of multi-channel payment very innovative, comprehensive improving mass consumer experience. Carla intelligent pos machine seesaw battle, in the fierce industry is still able to stay ahead. Pull Carla intelligent POS is kara pay launched a POS terminals based on the Internet and cloud computing intelligence, payments, receipts, and other functions into an organic whole, meet the demand of transfers and payments and other kinds of merchants, and help businesses realize intelligent management of secret weapons. To the largest extent, help businesses improve the efficiency of cashier, for consumers to create a good experience at the same time, the la cara intelligent POS machine made a lot of innovation on the function. Support on the market at present the mainstream of the third party payment, such as WeChat payment, alipay, etc. , realize rapid collection; Also through unionpay certification, support all with unionpay credit CARDS, debit CARDS, transparent rate; In addition, in the aspect of credit channel, Carla intelligent POS support unionpay Quick Pass can Pay card, unionpay NFC cloud flash, Apple Pay, bracelets and other kinds of electronic payment, small free, no need to change. Carla intelligent POS machine in order to improve the efficiency of business credit, create larger profits space for businesses, has been in continuous efforts and innovation. At the same time, these features also provides consumers with a very fast and convenient consumption environment, so that it can get good consumer experience. Believe in the future la cara intelligent POS machine will gradually develop more intelligent convenient service, for the majority of users.
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