La cara signed with huawei business cooperation framework agreement, or will push POS product innovation!

by:Fdata     2020-05-17
February 23 on the evening of February 21, Carla's announcement said, with huawei software technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'huawei') Signed a cooperation framework agreement, the business, the establishment of strategic cooperative partnership, the two sides will revolve around huawei terminals, connect the customers and merchants company huawei, carry out mobile POS cash register, affiliate marketing, for the convenience of business and huawei PAY promotion business cooperation for vast users and merchants. It is reported, Carla was founded in 2005, is China's leading integrated financial technology group. Create the user guide, payments and financial service of science and technology as the core of the symbiotic system, for individuals and businesses to provide safe and reliable comprehensive financial services. In April 2019 in shenzhen stock exchange listed on the gem, is the first domestic third-party payment enterprises to the central bank to issue licences. Its end products include intelligent pos, brush face pay cash register, payment, etc. , and the terminal as the carrier for the food and beverage, retail and other industries to provide value-added services. And software technology co. , LTD. , a wholly owned subsidiary for huawei, huawei is mainly responsible for the design of the huawei wallet service operations and huawei PAY promotion, for huawei terminal users PAY, convenient service, the offer is all sorts of applications, such as huawei user activity and product competitiveness, rich ecological huawei's global software and hardware service. Cooperation will enhance the user size and activity, to realize user interaction with la cara merchant traffic huawei, the two sides adopt the mode of business cooperation to promote huawei PAY, through the way of combination of offline and online promotion huawei PAY, jointly promote huawei PAY online, offline payment scenarios into active and user habits. Carla will guide and mobilize the merchants and user use huawei's wallet. Huawei software service scheme based on la cara design expand businesses, consider Carla integrated service providers as POS service. Take advantage of the huawei in smartphones, such as Carla's pay, cashier, is expected to accelerate business growth. In 2019, according to relevant data show that in the global smartphone, huawei shipments ranked second, second only to samsung. In order to 38. 5% of the market continue to take the Chinese smartphone market first. Huawei's vast users pull for Carla POS business promotion drainage, to further expand business service scope and scale, pull the merchant POS business volume growth, increase the market share. Released in October 2019, kara, receipts, manifold cloud store shop, cloud single cloud four strategic products, for different industries provide POS business management solutions, it has more than 21 million businesses, the turnover of nearly 4 trillion years. Or mobile POS will outbreak, 2020 new businesses, its deployment is low cost, ease of use, good, strong adaptability, etc. Overall, pull the kara company to establish strategic partnership with huawei, will drive the payment industry chain on the POS related products innovation, POS industry or there will be a new situation.
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