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latest pos cash register multi-language for sale

latest pos cash register multi-language for sale

Latest pos cash register multi-language for sale

Model No.
Quad-core Cortex-A17,1.8GHZ
Android 5.1
Storage Device
8GB(16GB Optional)
Touch Panel
Capacitive touch screen (could be customized)
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Product Details
With a focus on details, Fdata strives to create high-quality android handheld pos terminal.android handheld pos terminal is in line with the stringent quality standards. The price is more favorable than other products in the industry and the cost performance is relatively high.
Company Advantages
1. The design of Fdata pos cash register involves sophisticated electric knowledge. Its circuit, including main circuit, pilot circuit, and signal circuit are designed with as less as possible connecting wires.
2. This product has electromagnetic compatibility. It has a sufficient level of intrinsic immunity to electromagnetic disturbance to operate as intended.
3. This product has electromagnetic compatibility. It does not emit levels of EM energy that can cause electromagnetic interference in other devices in the vicinity.
4. This product has served many famous brands over the years.

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Multi-functional ECR model P1502
15 inch restaurant, all in one touch POS system with dual display, real time display.
We can customize for you, specially designed for your supermarket, restaurant, and retail shops.
The display size we can do as 15.6 inch, 13.3 inch and 11.6 inch.

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CPUQuad-core Cortex-A17,1.8GHZ 
OSAndroid 5.1
Memory2GB DDR3
Storage Device8GB(16GB Optional)
Three sizes LCD screen optional, can be customized into single or dual screen.
Single screen: 15.6'/13.3'/11.6'
Dual screen set: 15.6'+13.3' /15.6'+11.6' /13.3'+11.6' /15.6'+15.6' /13.3'+13.3' /11.6'+11.6'
15.6' LCD:1920*1080;13.3' LCD:1366*768;11.6‘ LCD: 1920*1080
Touch Panel Capacitive touch screen (could be customized)
Standard: one TP only/one TP with a sync display screen; could be customized into two different display TPs
WifiWIFI 802.11 b/g/n
BluetoothBT 4.0
I/OInternet LAN*1, 10M/100M/1000M adaptive network interface
RJ45*1, COM interface
RS232*1, COM interface
USB*4 (Back), USB*1 (Front)
RJ11*1, Cash box interface
DC IN*1, 12V 3A
TF card slot *1
LED lightsYES
System LanguageSupport Multi-language OSD: English, Chinese etc
Support Audio: MP3,WMV
Support Photo: JPEG,BMP,GIF

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Hotel, restaurant, fast-food restaurant, coffee shop, We have rich interface can connect with the cashbox, thermal Printer, barcode reader and EFT POS to work together.

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Company Features
1. Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. has developed many kinds of pos cash register with different styles to meet different requirements of customers.
2. Situated near the airport and main road, the factory is blessed with good geographical location. This advantage allows us to easily transport the raw materials, facilities, and products.
3. Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. is committed to the creation of well-being to the general public in a sustainable way. Get more info! Fdata vigorously pays attention to cultivation of talents which will promote the overall quality of cash register machine . Get more info! Shenzhen Fdata Co., Ltd. aims to provide a bigger series of pos system cash register with top quality. Get more info!
my granddaughter loved it
Christmas present, my niece loves it. Amazon had the best price around.
My niece simply loves this Yogurt shop.
wish there was more play doh with it
My daughter loved it
Perfect and very fast delivery
My daughter didn't even ask for this for Christmas, but it was a very cheap lightning deal so I grabbed it anyway. I'm SO glad I did. She plays with this SO much. Her favorite part is definitely the soft serve machine. Honestly, I enjoy playing with it too! It's so cute!
I wish there were more play doh! Anyone know how to order?
Ordered this printer thinking it would go with my square pos system. It did not go with it. Had to return it, but they gave me a quick refund.
easy to set up, works well
I was extremely concerned about purchasing this printer, because the price was so low .It arrived in two days as expected. I HATE reading instruction, But it literally took me 10 minutes to connect and its working perfectly I hope it continues to do so. I have Widows 10 and use it with Quickbooks.
Great product! Had a little trouble linking it to my software but that's because I'm not tech savvy. Great customer service!! They helped me set it up perfectly.
As of this review I've been using the clips for more than a week and they are performing as I had hoped and even better! I purchased the clips to hang my toothbrush on the tiled wall of my shower. I tested the clip for fitting first and loved how my toothbrush snapped in and out of it. Next, I adhered the clip to the tile of my shower wall and it stuck as expected. I was so impressed by the adhesive that I decided to try my razor as well and found the same great result (this time using the wide slot as opposed to the narrow one)! I’m happy to report that after more than a week of utilizing two clips in our shower the clips are still functioning superbly! Between my wife and me taking daily showers (and even my daughter using this shower a few times) the clips have continued holding up with snapping the toothbrush and razors in and out along with effects of the hot water and steam. I’m thrilled as they are doing what I purchased them for. (Please view the accompanying picture taken minutes before writing this review.) Since I have extra clips I’ve decided to start using them as they were intended to be used, to hold pens. A few days ago I adhered one to my daughter’s wall above her desk to hold both a pen and a marker for her white board. Both fit perfectly (or should I say snugly) and keeping both writing utensils easily available for her when she needs them. I’ve now determined I’m going to adhere one in my home office and one at my work office. Before hanging them in either place I’ve spent a little time testing various pens to see how they fit in the slots. Every pen I tried fit (although some were more snug or secure than others). I found standard size Sharpie’s and fine tip Expo markers fit perfectly in the wide slot. Standard or traditional ball point pens fit great and snap right in to the narrow slots. My personal favorite style pen, Pilot G-2’s fit in both the wide and narrow slots just not as perfect as the others. In the wide slot I can simply use the pen’s clip to hang it and in the narrow slot it snaps in but not all the way to the back as the ball points do. Regardless, my G-2 is secure in both slots. I will note my G-2 is more snug and secure in the narrow slot and would be so whether the clip is hung vertically or horizontally. I’ll try to give an update to this review in a few months (or sooner if the clips begin to fail or have any issues that I haven’t detected at this time) to assure my current review is still legitimate. Based on my use up to this point I have to give a strong recommendation for purchase if you seeking a clip for hanging pens, toothbrushes, razors or some other similar instrument on the wall. Great product that performs as expected!
These are great for preventing pencils from growing legs and walking out the door. I teach 4th, 5th and 6th graders on a rotating basis throughout the day. Last year I went through a ridiculously high amount of pencils. Now with a quick glance around the room I am able to ensure that each desk still has a pencil on it. I used the back holder for an eraser, just setting it in place. I have had no problems with them coming unstuck either. The reason I gave thm a 4 was purely one of cosmetics. I used the wooden yellow pencils, and very quickly the outside coating of paint come of in the middle. I'm solving that problem by switching to mechanical pencils.
Very nice product !! I love the design as it allows different size pencils and I am a gadget freak!!! It's a small company and I can appreciate their follow up after delivery!
Fast standard shipping, got them before I expected to and before the estimate of a 2-day shipping rate. This small family-owned business includes an extra clip in case one breaks and a magnetic clip just to try out. So far, I love the clips. I'm using them in my classroom in hopes of having fewer lost pencils. They seem durable, and I've had no problems with them unsticking to the surface. Very happy customer.
Just what we needed so we have a marker and pen/pencil available everywhere. Love these little things!
These are wonderful. I will be buy some with the magnets for other places.
These are great little clips! We use them on our golf carts for scoring pencils and ordered enough to give to our friends
These are as advertised. Very handy!
They work great as far as holding the pencils and pens. The adhesive does not work very well.
I use many of the same size pens, but in different colors. To hold 3 pens I need to use 3 mounts, and have 6 wasted spaces in between. Plus I have had trouble finding pens to fit nicely in them. Sharpies fit great in the big slot, but the other 2 need really narrow items, like a standard pencil. Even slightly thicker (as most pens are) cause it to crack. I would prefer a mount with 2 identical size openings. That way it either works for you, or it doesn't.
Works as advertised!!
Ordered this for my work credit card machine . Came fast and works great. Not bad for the price . Thanks
I bought this for my 6 year old daughter and my 10 year old daughter to play with and they love it. My youngest seen a bunch of YouTube videos on it and said she "had to have it". School just started a few weeks ago and they are both doing so well I bought it for them. So glad I did! They love it.
So easy to use, comes assembled already pretty much. My daughter loves it, even my older daughter, who barely plays with toys lol. Comes with own playing dough but any play dough will work.
Bought for my 6 year old Granddaughter. She loves it! She is able to play with it right away out of the box and start making yummy treats for her Barbies!
Bought for my 9 year old daughter and she LOVEs it. Fast shipping and great product.
Original set and my little one loves it
Given as gift to granddaughter. She loved it and plays with it all the time.
My 4yr-old little girl LOVES this!!!! Thank you, heaps!!! It's easy to use; and she absolutely loves making custom orders. This is a must have for any Barbie collection.
Cute set! Comes with mini can of Play-doh" that has a divider inside to separate pink and white Doh. You put the Play-Doh in the frozen yogurt machine and press down the handle to make it come out like yogurt into a cup. There is also a fruit-shaped mold to make little oranges or strawberries, and a plastic non-functioning cash register. Nice to have an accessory that does not come with dolls (we have enough). The set is designed for Barbie at the cash register and another doll enjoying yogurt in the green chair at the counter. Wish it came with a second green chair to have another doll or even a bistro set. The stand is very light and can get knocked over. (I bet some double-sided tape or removable scrapbooking dots on the bottom would do the trick.) All in all, this is a fun role play set and gives Barbie somewhere to go, so I'd buy it again.
Overpriced for what it does.
Very cute and interesting! My daughter loves it!
My daughter love it and play with it a lot.
Child will love it. Ours played with it but left the play doh open overnight and it dried. I don't think it's supposed to dry so fast. Another plus is that it makes pattern.
My daughter loves playing with this. Just let your child know not to make the play dough too thick when loading it into the press. Outside of that - lots of fun.
Perfect receipt printer. Fast reliable and easy to setup.
Love it!
The driver CD was flagged by Norton Antivirus as being infected. The driver file downloaded from the website is in an unusable format. I will update this review if anything changes. Update: Customer service was quick and courteous. I did receive the driver by email and got the printer up and running. It prints surprisingly fast and good quality for such an inexpensive printer. I've upgraded it to 3 stars from 1. I didn't give it 5 because it's still very concerning that the driver CD which came with the printer was flagged by antivirus as infected.
Easily set up to work with Windows 10 and working fine.
I put these on my students' desks. I've been wanting to try them for several years and finally did it. I put a pencil in the smallest part, a red pen in the middle part, and a dry erase marker in the widest part. The widest part of the clip is just a tad too wide for the regular thin Expo markers. It works if you put the widest part of the cap in there. I'm finding that sometimes when we walk by the desks, it's easy to sort of catch a sweater or sweatshirt on the pen or pencil. I'm still giving these 5 stars because I do think they are a very clever product, and overall I am very satisfied with them.
After a long search, I ordered these to use for surface-mounted toothbrush holders. We're using them for the heads of our electric toothbrush - 2 in each clip. I'm also looking forward to putting one of these in my car for pens and one on the fridge with a magnet. They're pretty stiff, I could see them being brittle if you tried to use them outside of intended purpose. But for what they're intended, they seem great. Will check back on adhesive after a while.
Love them. Bought them for Xmas token gifts. I thought at first the tape would harm surfaces, but no! The magnetic ones are great too. Next model should allow a little more moor in each section as an alternative for bigger pens.
Perfect little clip for the inside of our house organizer shelf. We had a jumble of stuff crammed in a little cubbie and these gadgets made it easy to find a pen, pencil and sharpie.
Fun practical
Fall off easily. Need good glue or screw
works great
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