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Leveraging technology to empower post-pandemic economic recovery


Technology changes people’s life,especially in the year 2020.

Due to world-wide Covid-19, people all around the world are suffering a lot. Many things are changing every day.

Here let’s summary of some changes:

No1. Wear Mask and keep distance, reduce socialization.

There are many locations are using the facial recognition reader and fever detection terminal used in the entrance or the gate of the building, and if a person not wear a mask or have an abnormal temperature, the terminal will alarm.


No 2. Contactless payment become more and more popular, people can order online or onsite with contactless, no need touch and pay and go away with, also can scan the QR

No 3. Wash hand more often.

In public places, we saw many of this kind of automatic hand sanitizer. Very convenient to use, also in the shopping mall, education places, restaurant, hotel, all have this at the front desk.

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