Loading and unloading sweeping handheld PDA decoder raise the level of application of enterprise warehouse management _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-08-06
Product introduction with the popularity of bar code technology, more and more businesses recognize that only barcode technology combined with management software can be timely and accurate data collection. Bar code management system is divided into PC and wireless client application. PC to configuration parameters and generate bar code, data acquisition and code. Wireless terminal through code terminal, sweep code business operations, real-time and interactive business data integration system. Function of PC main functions are as follows: set the barcode rule, distribution rules to generate barcode, query file, query barcode scanning detail query the purchase order, purchase receipt, to the finished product orders, production orders, invoices, receipt, outsourcing order, packing list, according to the documents generated barcode set print labels, distributed wireless end user rights, set up wireless end page template format. Wireless PDA side main functions are as follows: to set the default warehouse, shortcut, modify user password query inventory, warehouse, goods balance and barcode file receiving business operations: procurement delivery, procurement, inventory, product warehousing, other inbound shipping business operations such as: sales delivery, outbound, material outbound, other outbound warehouse mobile: transfers, position adjusting storage assignment: shelves, picking, packing and unpacking inventory assignment: inventory, checking shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. PDA barcode warehouse management system for manufacturing enterprises, mainly to solve enterprise storage location management chaos, low efficiency, delivery warehouse delivery error rate is high, the system can make full use of existing conditions of enterprise warehouse, the storage conditions without making big adjustments, by combining wireless PDA/RFID applications, improve the level of application of enterprise warehouse management; Improve the efficiency of the delivery error rate, to reduce the delivery, to reduce the delivery personnel's labor intensity.
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