Locking 'lighter' brush face to pay, to get rid of inconvenience worries!

by:Fdata     2020-06-10
When you are sweeping code before payment bring convenient, brush face payment time has quietly come. In fact, there are two kinds of brush face payment application scenarios: open and closed scene scene. Closed scene: campus, nursing homes, construction such as canteen, dormitory through face to replace the original credit card payment open scene: pay by brush face WeChat, pay treasure, the amount of bank card account, application in our daily consumption, but we now know, is in the opening scene, is mainly used in the retail sector. Let's take a look at the face brush has been applied in what scene? Brush the face on the subway yes, you read that right, brush face by subway. Passengers need to personal photos, bank CARDS, such as real name binding, without tube pass, also don't have to take out a cellular phone, just brush face anchorman machine will be able to pass. What is more, it also can realize seamless switching between different scenarios. Such as in view of the over 65 free ride, do not need to register, as long as the brush face authentication id, free ride can be realized. Contrast now the staff one by one to check the old man's certificate, then open the preferential channel, apparently more convenient, but also can reduce the manpower; For staff, that is more convenient, a face clear. For ordinary passengers, can brush not only face a train can enjoy before they pay. Goodbye, qr code! Contrast to brush a face, qr code naive like a child. First, faster. Brush face a metro, for example, after the first binding account, as long as the past, do not need to stay, can identify the whole process is only 0. 33 seconds. Second, more convenient. In addition, for not skilled in the use of smart phones for the elderly, brush face payment was not too convenient. Third, more secure. Brush face pay USES is the latest 3 d structure light facial recognition, combined with both hardware and software testing, than people will be altered or cover qr code, more secure. Goodbye, mobile phone! You think the brush face pay just leather qr code of life? Of course not, the future with a sense of payment is a cell phone. Don't think that is a joke, in fact, mobile phones have gradually disappeared from the scene paid. Soon, the National Day is coming, and see this scene, presumably owners are shivering. Don't worry, WeChat non-inductive pay, will make your car into a mobile phone to pay, as long as the car was finished payment, a second will not delay. Restaurant more wisdom, wisdom without mobile phone, don't password, your face is the payment code. No one supermarket convenience stores, and brand stores, more and more various no supermarket, brush face can store, go out automatic checkout. Lose it is only a small part of payment. In the coming year, in the offline stores can implement brush face to pay! This means that there will be more scenes will move out of the cell phone. Someone may say, I still is going to try to qr code to pay, but now mobile phone all don't, brush directly face. I'm sorry, but this time the only constant is change, you don't adapt to it is easy to be eliminated. For new things holding the resistance, the future society will be more and more convenient, more and more beautiful, also please don't reject it. Do not believe, then you look down: good times to brush a face! A face around all the time, have much good, you know? Brush face hotel if it doesn't matter that you forgot to take my id card, only need to generate electronic brush face temporary proof of identity, to the hotel front desk registration confirmation, to check-in. To deal with in city services, government services a second-tier cities already. Not only WeChat, many cities have launched the APP. Citizens as long as the complete real-name certification and accreditation of brush face don't have to run people club bureau of various government units, after the deal with accumulation fund, social security, transportation and other kinds of politics, like online shopping convenience. Brush face QuCunKuan not only agricultural bank, China merchants bank, China construction bank in the country to brush face service. Don't take bank card, with no cell phones, can be different. Brush face to see the doctor in fuzhou at the first digital China construction achievements exhibition, human resources and social security ministry issued by the country's first electronic social security card, fuzhou, Qingdao, chengdu and other places with the first pilot work to carry out the electronic social security card. In the future, this model big probability will be popularized to the country, after the doctor, with a face can be smoothly to complete the registration, to see the doctor, settlement, take medicine, and a series of process, no longer ran back and forth. Brush face customs transit in shenzhen airport border post two years ago have introduced exit passenger self-service customs clearance service, passengers face brush, 10 seconds can be customs clearance. Also in shenzhen, Hong Kong and macau customs clearance can be automated face brush, greatly saves time. Brush face to pay for a full-blown will be the trend of The Times, in the face of huge potential brush face pay market, WeChat, unionpay giants are gaining power, and facial recognition technology mature and the ground will be paid to both market structure inject more variables. In the next decade, closed-loop trading scenario, set by the 'brush face'.
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