Look brand-new, double screen integrated intelligent cash register

by:Fdata     2020-05-14
Is part of the whole system the cash register, cashier system other hardware include printers, scanning machine, etc. Cashier system besides the function of the cashier, and often inventory management, membership, marketing, and other functions. Considering the compatibility and after-sales maintenance problems, suggest to buy systems and the integration of the cash register machine. On the market, many different kinds of cash registers, the merchant what factors should be considered when choosing a cash register? Deep Yi Xing melt YI S1 main function is introduced: 1, operation module of replenish onr's stock, sales, inventory, cost management decision-making, etc. , convenient management of the store; 2, the basic set up special offer sheet is tasted, set items, gifts, preferential way ( To send food, coupons, discount, etc. ) 3, support member management, product support, management of discount, and member card while setting different groups, members consumer product exchange, different grade member discount and save money before consumption. 4, schedule of statement analysis reports, sales clerk, member prepaid phone list, product list, business statistics summary report, monthly sales report, sales receipts, daily sales statistics report. 5, system management accounts, employee rights, a fashion and convenient cash register not only can save a lot of artificial time, and significantly increase the store image and consumer class. YI S1 with double screen, host installation is simple, the capacitance screen of toughened glass surface, corrosion resistant advantage is very obvious, even if the ph is impeccable, let merchants use more at ease. Screen upgraded to 1080 p Gao Qingquan perspective, 15. 6 inches display screen and 12 inches highlight LED show, ad-supported video playback, give a person a new feeling. Equipment use efficiency also increase to the LAN port, cashbox mouth, four USB ports, Micro USB debugging mouth mouth, two serial ports, power supply, audio interface. Support MicroSD memory can be extended to 32 gb. Configuration and color white, black, and one optional. Deep Yi Xing melt cashier equipment USES the mainstream cloud technology, is one of the cashier software of domestic stability, is also the industry earlier docking with the mobile Internet in real-time cashier software developers. Strong compatibility, cross-platform support most mainstream equipment, integration of a variety of payment meet different user requirements. Supporting intelligent hardware establishment and the connection between the consumer and enhance the user experience, and implement stores digital and consumer demand scenarios, convenient, remote, chaining merchants mobile management, and has powerful online fusion operations, to help businesses integrate online and offline channels, realize the integration of marketing. At present, the world has nearly thousands of users, covering catering, retail and other industries.
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