Marketing chain of clothing stores management system function 丨 powerful, convenient management

by:Fdata     2020-07-15
Do clothing store chain, select the cashier system software will be better, the price is in one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan ~ here recommend shimron clothing management system, it not only has the accurate, flexible and simple operation of the cashier equipment, has strong data statistics and marketing ability, the marketing chain of clothing stores management system function is what? 1. Micro functions as traditional shop or mall shop owners only have traditional thinking, not an extension of the online platform, it is destined to be online stores extrusion, take a large part of the customer. Users through WeChat mall platform, can experience goods query, the choose and buy, interactive, online ordering and paying the integrated service mode. Meet the full range of customer shopping experience, improve customer loyalty. 2. Powerful, simple operation clothing management software module are very abundant, including goods, sales, procurement, inventory, member, promotion, advertising, micro mall, wholesale, distribution, and settlement. On the module name of it, has arguably covers chain data management of all functions. Cashier, the cashier system support cash payments, mainstream WeChat, pay treasure to pay, has the membership card, prepaid card, card, etc. Can be paid, clear, simple and quick, convenient the use of the cashier. 3. Item data to add convenience as a clothing chain, is obviously a very important part of its data management product data management, system is through a variety of apparel commodity data input a way to solve this problem, including flicking decoder code input, manual fill in product information input and so on. Of shimron cashier system is a web-based application mode of online enters sells saves the management software of cashier, the cashier system itself purchase, sales and stock collection, management, management, multi-level management organization headquarters, many stores chain system.
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