Maternal and infant industry big change in 2020, operating skills to help you succeed counter attack!

by:Fdata     2020-06-24
Relevant data show that there are more than 80% of maternal and infant stores in entity stores sales decline, at the same time, there are many stores have walked to the edge of collapse. Pay attention to the development of the industry the boss said, maternal and infant industry as if suddenly changed day, sitting in the shop every day for a few years ago the day of the money has gone, now business difficult to do, do not say you close shut up shop. What has happened over the past two years? The cause of maternal and infant store business difficult to do what? 1, the online mall to grab traffic that already is nothing new, but if you look at this group of data, estimated that most of the entity shop owner would jump: in 2019, social electricity rob flow entity stores 30% 40% of the consumers. More terrible is the activity of electricity great variety, good story. In contrast, a lot of maternal and child stores, no critical thinking, and not the overall marketing plan, don't talk about and the electricity business giants spell funding and technology, these all make the competitiveness of the entity shop is declining. 2, newborn demographic dividend disappeared, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics in 2018, the number of newborns in China from 2017, 2 million, a decline of 11. Low 6%, the birth rate in 40 years. In 2019 births to new lows. Born to rely on population bonus of maternal and infant industry, this is definitely a bad news, means that the maternal and infant industry is more difficult in 2020, the entity stores will also face type fall precipice. 3, 90 after rising consumer demand has become the main force of young parents, they are more valued fine parenting. Baby swimming and early education, postpartum repair rare project before, now become for maternal and infant stores. Past habits of customers to the stores to buy things, but now a treasure, a certain east, many electrical contractor's increasing influence, plus now young people pursuit is convenient, thus online shopping has become a lot of customer choice. If stores also pause to wait, do not break through on the mind, still will depend on a single channel customer acquisition, it will shine even more long and cold winter. So how to find a winter counter attack path? 1, to set up the online channels, through online. Arrange delivery line to choose goods, stores can also be offline store experience of choose and buy, online order; Customers choose their way of shopping more convenient stores seize online traffic. Thought fast love bei from 7 carry thought fast small store, you can create an integrated online mall, using online drainage, offline experience. Improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the store. 2, expanding the scope of the store service, the customer. Had mentioned in the first line in front of the store model, can use the online drainage, break through the geographical restrictions of traditional stores. Another recruit, especially about distribution using membership. Social marketing in the electricity has been playing the popular, offline stores can also use. Stores to establish a set of complete member distribution scheme, through the existing members recommended new members. The old with the new prize, new members consumer commission, eli in traffic, this pattern is also easy to accept for the users, the preemption flow more easily. 3, improve the operational ability of stores, meet the diverse needs of customers, can target users surrounding situation, increase the additional value of maternal and child stores, in addition to the introduction of baby swimming and early education, postpartum repair services, more should pay attention to service. Use of information management system, optimize the service project experience, fast love bei mother-to-child 7 management system, can advance booking service, line up your turn, improve efficiency, reduce customer wait time. For maternal and child stores, 2020 is doomed to be a year full of challenges, learn and grow together, a lot of, also can let you boss business is getting better and better.
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