Maternal and infant store cashier system 丨 offline real-time communication cable, stores achieve efficient operation management!

by:Fdata     2020-08-02
For maternal and child stores, now basically are used to help manage store cashier system, but maternal use of cashier software is not the same, also have different effect. Today we take a look at bay with the infant child life pavilion launched what software? And solve the problem which store management? Bei with the infant child life hall is located in the zhejiang huzhou area, mainly manages all kinds of brands such as mead Johnson, nestle, heinz, nanshan, biostime milk powder and other products, mainly for infants clothing shoes and hats series product design range, paper, diapers, paper towels, wet wipes, health supplies, pregnant women, puerpera series, and other derivatives, etc. On the commodity type is rich, management is more difficult. Bei wah hall choose to use the infant child life is going fast days store and store cashier system software, in the daily operation, first of all solve the store merchandise property management, namely the operator through the system, can according to product category attributes determine the clothing, and thus for the clothing design and color, measurement management applications. Second, maternal and child pavilion as a result of the positioning problem, also has different service project, such as bathing, swimming, baby haircut, amusement parks, such as consumption project, in order to help the stores better distinguish management, also can be set on the cashier system different types of projects, such as card consumer services, customer credit card each time only need from time to time. Online, of course, a combination of very good, since the launch day mother-to-child cashier software store, also understand the day shop other products type, by the way, so also through the system docking the micro mall, maternal and child stores because industry attributes, long-term development of member's most favorable to the stable development of the stores, through thinking fast days inn star yao edition exclusive online store, store business is no longer restricted by distance, the convenience of our customers at the same time also can increase revenue, cable on line real time communication, convenient operation and management.
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