Meal at 2020 take-out industry conference, new plan for food and beverage retail digital road

by:Fdata     2020-06-10
On December 17, 2020 sponsored by the Meituan take-out industry conference held in Beijing. Assembly to activate the ecological, link the future as the theme, devotes to provide delivery of new formats for the industry from the perspective of industry, the new direction of industrial innovation, promote the reform of food supply side, high profit and efficiency. As an important business partner Meituan take-away platform, meal was invited to participate in the event. It is reported that the meeting polymerization Meituan take-away, businesses, and creativity, the industry's consensus Meituan, senior vice President, home business group in achieving king, President, big pears catering group President Guo Qi, IDG capital consumption industry partners 闫怡腾 heavyweights such as the guest all, with the presence of more than 700 food and beverage industry visionaries and practitioners to explore Chinese take-out industry transformation of the way. Meituan senior vice President and home business group President wang in achieving a speech at the conference, Meituan institute and the China hotel association jointly issued the 'Chinese take-out industry research report. Report shows that 2019 Chinese take-out industry delivery throughout the year turnover is expected to reach 603. 5 billion yuan, compared with 2018 growth of 30. 8%, and the overall development situation is good. At the same time, the whole industry in growth presents some new trends: the new upgrade pattern for new formats; Competition model driven by dividend driver to drive efficiency and quality; Delivery support regional economic development; Take-away ecological boundary is widening. , to say the one selling industrial upgrading transformation is brewing in the restaurant industry. In the era of massive change, how the user groups and structural changes in catering takeout market resources, seek systematic brand new pattern of management and service, create the higher value of industry form as the present development of top priority. Meal tao believes that in the restaurant industry transformation in the process of the wisdom, the data is the important foundation of enterprise innovation strategy. When business is the data organized, you can through the digital stores operating efficiency comprehensively, help chain catering enterprises to upgrade management, let the consumer feel the whole scene intelligent services, implementation efficiency. According to meal, field personnel, meal way is through the whole channel management SaaS platform + double middle business data, help enterprises to realize high speed data processing, the whole, fast, and then built catering enterprises are facing problems of data application. In the field of online order to expand the market, meal first through including Meituan, hungry? Many well-known take-out platform, data after the meal enterprise docking efficiency will be greatly increased, the third party delivery platform orders will be unified together in the meal delivery management system, convenient for meal enterprise system management, order drainage network users. Meal at 2020 take-out industry conference not only such, meal, also by merchants and docking POS, small procedures, the third party delivery platform, cashier system, help food enterprises to realize the unification of the multi-channel management. Big data analysis ability and fusion, according to the customer area conditions, the usual information such as eating habits and personal income, precise data analysis, building user portrait, to provide users with personalized selling point meal outside information, accurate to provide customer service required. It is reported that currently meal service already more than 600 domestic and international chain brand, covering more than 40000 stores in more than 350 cities across the country, and was awarded as high quality service by Meituan. Conference, Meituan senior vice President and home business group President in achieving king, said the next five years, take-away food industry development center of gravity will be supplied by demand side to side. Therefore Meituan will help millions of businesses to build the next generation of stores, realize digital management. Meituan comments on restaurant open platform as an important partner, meal will use precipitation years market experience, large data analysis technology, innovative business model, to provide food and beverage retail enterprise delivery data management system, distribution system, middle, BI data analysis, system integration such as custody O2O solution, and share them with all the food and beverage including Meituan industry chain resources, for more catering customers can assign, jointly promote the development of new forms delivered.
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