Meituan cashier upgrade 'phone order' function 'no contact order' to ensure the safety of dining

by:Fdata     2020-05-27
Rework, most people will soon celebrate the Spring Festival after the first need attendance days, how to solve the problem of working lunch, dinner, etc. Recently, Meituan cashier upgrade phone order function, make the customer can not take food order, no contact, so as to guarantee the safety of the two layers of merchants and consumers. This is Meituan launch out of contact in food industry in the first distribution, to ensure the safety of consumers eating another step. No contact order take food process signal the government advocates the qr code scanning order code for mobile phones, avoid direct contact with the recently, the Beijing market supervision bureau issued 'the new coronavirus infection prevention and control of pneumonia during the popular food service units guidelines'. Which emphasize, advocate using qr code scanning order, invoicing, such as the traditional ordering and billing way should pay attention to reduce personnel gathered, maintain reasonable spacing. Similarly, market supervision bureau in anhui province, nanjing market regulator, Qingdao market regulator are detailed rules, clear encouraged by using qr code scanning, network order meal service such as no contact way, avoid direct contact. It is understood that part of the meal companies have begun pilot without contact point meal, take meal service contact. True kung fu jinan bring show city store is one of the pilot, consumers can scan qr code, using a mobile phone meal take food without contact. At the same time, in order to further ensure the safety, a batch of pilot restaurant also no contact order the meals are made to go paper bags, paper boxes for packaging, and make the seal processing. Don't have to be into the shop, qr code scanning codes can direct phone order, in order, take the key to avoid such as meal person-to-person contact, it's safe, a consumer experience no contact order. No meal will contact point to more merchants to popularize the new champions league pneumonia outbreak in special period, & lsquo; No contact order & rsquo; Restaurant can improve safety coefficient, reduce the number of customers and merchants face-to-face contact, the security can be better. The relevant person in charge of Meituan cashier said. Learned, based on Meituan cashier phone order function, businesses can put exclusive order qr code hung to the fixed outside the restaurant area, mobile phone consumers sweep yards after a meal, no contact after hutch is generate the products of this order details and the order number, after making complete and packaged, staff can go to take food outside the restaurant area, for consumers to get the products. The whole process to avoid the person-to-person contact. Companies have said that the no contact order model can be in order, take food to avoid contact, at the same time we also pay attention to in the shop catering link complete isolation, in both security and maximize guarantee the normal operation of the restaurant, reduce the disease. No contact order take food sample as a fusion restaurant management system and platform, Meituan cashier for merchants to provide take-out orders, order code, enters sells saves, affiliate marketing, business reports, and other integration solutions, restaurant help connect the guest, and give customers a better shopping experience. In the battle against epidemic, Meituan cashier by mobile phone order to realize the no contact order take food, effectively help merchants security management, to help consumers eat more at ease.
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