New Year's day is not line! Brush face pay solve the supermarket cashier

by:Fdata     2020-06-11
2019 is the first brush face payment, since the brush face pay widely since entering people's field of vision, got the favour of numerous consumers. Although the sweep yards pay still occupies a huge market, but we can also see that brush face pay pay is gradually becoming a new trend. Compared with the conventional qr code to pay, brush face pay is mighty attracting more and more merchants and customers heart, so, brush face pay why can let people move? Below, we look at the brush together face pay advantage: a and reduce labor costs as is known to all, every supermarket, restaurant needs a cashier, especially in the large business super, shopping center, the cashier's compact busy when the cashier and overwhelmed, hurry-scurry, but excessive cashier if hired, stores have relatively few customers under the condition of the cashier and basic not too many things, so that the supermarket operating costs has become a big problem. But brush face pay self-help cashier system, consumers can independently order, invoicing, so you don't need so many cashiers, can greatly reduce labor costs. Down the cost, also can give consumers more benefits. So the brush face cover for businesses and consumers have a positive impact. Second, save time cost brush face the whole process of payment in less than 10 seconds, basically payment code, compared to brush face payment is much more convenient and quick. That he paid, save the customer queue waiting time and improve the customer's shopping experience. Three, payment and authentication together brush face time, the face is a passport account. The biometric system brings the convenience for the people, is any other form, including account password combinations are incomparable. Four, eliminating the mobile phone the payment medium like designed for the flaws of the qr code to pay in some special situations for: 1, too dependent on the network, once the mobile phone network condition can't normal payment. 2, quick enough, a lot of people have a paid APP binding more CARDS, balance amount for the treasure, flowers bai platforms such as habit, lead to payment once the preferred form of payment balance is insufficient still have to manually select other payment card, more waste of time. 3, relying on big data technology brush face pay is very good to solve the two problems above, no cell phones, and have the function of the intelligent priority at the time of payment, to provide consumers with convenient. 4, in some places is not convenient to carry mobile phones or disable, and brush face pay important application scenario. Such as swimming pool, the seaside beach playground near to the place where the use of mobile phones, such as the inconvenience Inflammable and explosive places, schools, factories and other disabling phones. Four, merchants set up shop business is no longer difficult easy and keep store difficult problem has been bothering entity stores, although qr code to pay the merchant's operating efficiency, but can't get the user data, for subsequent secondary marketing. And pay can brush a face, not only is it brush face function, but also a set of digital intelligent operating system. 5 + state subsidies, advertising businesses can use brush device screen this natural advantages, combined with actual situation brand advertising propaganda, reap the benefits. In addition, buying brush face equipment is currently enjoying official policy subsidies directly. Thus, brush face payment technology friendly to businesses and consumers alike. Five years ago, people gradually accustomed to mobile payments, qr code is not only a means of payment, also became the entry of the mobile Internet. Now, no matter pay treasure or WeChat, or the size businesses, all feel brush face pay may be the next entry. According to the current trend, we have reason to believe that brush face pay more quickly than the popularity of qr code to pay after we go out to buy things, even phone all don't have to pay out, have to brush a face, living on the face of the era is coming.
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