No contact between the blank space fight game, from the United States to predict the future development direction of non-contact equipment!

by:Fdata     2020-07-27
When life is like a play, the key depends on acting skills, say the United States out of contact space fight game. Yes, because of the outbreak, preached to freedom to democratic M americans also played without contact new things, recently held a contactless grapple game, claims to be missed from a distance. The two sides are 1 apart. 8 meters, partly from a distance, even if is the use of props to attack each other, will also need to prop disinfected. But the game where the key is that the acting, because cannot undertake physical contact, so fighting, mainly on expression of fierce degree, steamroller from the imposing manner. Each other out from a distance, you want to dodge, or hit a punch from a distance, and then use the air to attack each other, and then show the very hard, or is the appearance of the injury is very serious. Small make up no watch, but think of the acting alone combat game will feel funny, is this not in Hollywood acting? This time also have net friend say, since you can grapple game, from a distance through the Internet can also be so? Both live by video link, through talking, action on the screen and docking who worse ~ ~ please forgive me I can think of a word is network to fight. Have to say, as the Internet, especially 5 g technology developing, we can through the network can be done has been more and more, such as unmanned, remote meetings, remote operation, remote diagnosis and treatment, etc. , the network what is fight! Now live on, as long as you are willing, bystanders, cheer ( Critics) Still can not a few! Through an outbreak, we found out of contact effect was achieved by intelligent devices, there is still much the contactless smart devices will also be just need to adapt to the development of the society for the future. Such as power during outbreaks in each big pharmacy, when intelligent self-service terminals, which can realize the online intelligent diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, mild disease, contactless smart distribution, when rich, contactless smart cashier to pay, contactless smart face recognition temperature measurement, non-contact intelligent face recognition identity check, no contact fitting and so on. Later by non-contact mode still have a lot of things can be done, as long as not to stop the footsteps of science and technology, research and development of technology will never stop. It will be a responsibility of all the new and high technology companies.
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