No contact button in the elevator, the non-contact entrance guard, visitors, attendance, cashier, body temperature and epidemic prevention

by:Fdata     2020-08-04
According to the latest hot search information display, hefei is now out of contact button in the elevator: click on the screen, air can avoid cross infection. Recently, the anhui hefei first air imaging contactless elevator buttons, terminal officially putting-in-service proactively in hefei high-tech zone. The equipment using air imaging technology, users only need to click the air screen can reach to the floor. Users without touching the elevator button, can avoid cross infection caused by viruses, contact button has to be said, facing the menacing virus, the major technology companies have issued corresponding methods and counter measures, as a high-tech company, of course, when rich is no exception, the non-contact entrance guard management, attendance management, no contact contactless temperature prevention management, visitor management, no contact no contact cashier throughout these two years the development of intelligent equipment, it can be seen that the market is promising, from a worldwide disease resistance war, there are many ways we can learn that human resistance to virus is the need to rely on science and technology, intelligent technology. In the future, more and more public places, will introduce more intelligent device, avoid more personnel gathered, avoid too much human contact. Such as in shopping malls, large supermarket, subway station, railway station, airport, places such as tourist spots, along with the development of artificial service cashier scene should be less and less, instead of alternative is intelligent self-service checkout equipment, intelligent self-service checkout to avoid the spread of the virus close alienate people. Also a lot of save the artificial cost and workload of the scene. , of course, with the rapid development of society, all kinds of products touch screen mode will also updated accordingly, in the future, you can operate from a distance, the final step of click contact all free, then the world is more intelligent. As if went quickly to the next 20 years. The continuous renewal of concept, is the key to human progress. The intelligent equipment, intelligent non-contact equipment was also the attention and application. When more intelligent device custom, but also in rich.
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