No contact point meal 丨 self-help order machine, sweep the yard order order to reduce the human cost, bring more high quality service!

by:Fdata     2020-05-16
Outbreak, catering enterprises gradually opened, but in a variety of restrictive requirements and weak consumer demand, this way of no contact point meal, dinner is becoming more and more popular. During the Spring Festival season, catering enterprises often results can double than usual, now because of the influence of the outbreak, many catering enterprises are facing pressure loss. According to statistics, China's food and beverage giant haidilao holiday for nine days during outbreaks, lost more than 700 million yuan. At the same time, the first two months this year catering enterprise cancellation of 1. 3 m. It is considered that the outbreak is not only the industry reshuffle, are more likely to alter the ecology of catering industry. Self-help order order will reduce labor costs, to bring more high quality service as the article is describing the no contact order scenario in the beginning, self-help order machine and sweep code order to broaden the restaurant order way, DiGaoDian meal efficiency, and to reduce the workload of cashier order. Someone calculate a bill, the unmanned restaurant because save the staff responsible for ordering and billing, restaurant personnel costs can be reduced by 25%. As sky-wave restaurant cash register TPS680 combining intelligent cashier software, can realize order cashier, delivery orders, affiliate marketing, and code set order, discount, chain management, enters sells saves the management, and other functions, suitable for all kinds of dining scene, reduce labor costs and improve efficiency of cashier. Than the large-scale food and beverage outlets, small and medium-sized community restaurants can narrow scope of crowds gathered, operating more lightsome. That a self-help order machine and sweep code order, does that mean don't need the waiter after the restaurant? No, in addition to the order list and payment accounting can give these tedious work smart restaurant and self-help order machine to complete the cash register, reception customer, provide services is one of the clerk the focus of future work. Self-help order machine and sweep code order function can liberate the clerk's hands, will provide more energy into high quality service. To more than a pair of chopsticks, such as customer needs to help out, these jobs are finished need artificial processing ingredients. Don't look down upon these services, these services will bring good reputation for your restaurant. Sky-wave smart restaurant cash register TPS680 haidilao why success, in its store, basic customer himself can complete order by self-help order tablet. But does not represent a clerk idle, on the contrary, the clerk can recommend, to provide customers with food processing ingredients and considerate services, even when the notice customer birthday today, also will give a unique cake or longevity noodles, all of these can't count on self-help order machine and sweep code order to implement these way. Good service can attract more customers to patronize. After the outbreak, the non-contact order, self-help order and quality service will become the catering shops promote compressive ability and direction of competitive advantage.
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