No contact self-service register, enhance the risk resistance ability of the retail!

by:Fdata     2020-04-29
Since the vulcan mountain hospital used the self-service checkout technology becoming hot no supermarkets, no retail and self-help cashier has become the new consumption scenarios during the outbreak. There is no contact. Without the assistant of self-service checkout way, can reduce customers line up together and wait for the check-out time, and can finish fast and efficient self-service checkout settlement. Using self-service checkout clearing machine, even if the time of manpower shortage, the Spring Festival also helps maintain normal business supermarkets and convenience stores, increase retail anti-risk ability. Why self-service checkout clearing machine, why can become retail outbreak risk resistance under the new weapon? This is because the self-service checkout the premise of clearing machine is out of contact. A is self-service checkout there is no personnel contact, customers need not face to face with the clerk, can sweep in self-service cashier for the export goods before clearing machine code and mobile payment even brush face pay; The second is to reduce cash. Although there is no data shows that cash is easy to cause new crown and the spread of the virus, but also said that many scientific research various bacteria, easy to carry cash will always cause hidden trouble to human body health. Self-service checkout of payment clearing machine support is more sweeping yards, brush face payments and credit card payment, you can contact, minimize cash consumption process is more convenient and health. As sky-wave self-help cashier settlement TPS722, sample can be used in supermarkets, shopping malls and other scenes. Sky-wave self-help cashier settlement swept Taiwan collection of goods code, code, brush face payment at a suit, and support the thermal print receipts, help realize there is no supermarket. And sky-wave self-help TPS650T cashier machine belongs to the self-service checkout clearing machine of desktop type, volume is smaller, suitable for convenience stores self-service cashier scene. Application self-service checkout clearing machine, not only can save manpower and improve efficiency of cashier, also can be a clerk from tedious cashier work, thus to better complete the replenishment shelves, manufacture products, packaged goods, and other tasks. Intelligent self-service register can also according to the sales situation of real-time generation intelligence report, help operators more quick and intuitive understanding of the store merchandise sales and customer flow analysis, flexible adjustment according to the circumstance, let supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail operation more intelligent.
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