No 'core' spent 'force' epidemic prevention artifact forehead temperature gun of the supply chain

by:Fdata     2020-06-15
Across the country to return to work tide coming, epidemic prevention and control become a major concern for enterprises to start. In order to ensure the safety of the employee in a collective work, a lot of enterprise emergency purchasing masks, disinfectant, such as the forehead temperature gun protection product. We do before the community group no medical electronic products, such as temperature gun purchases, now is also adapt to the market demand, the whole circle of looking for it, but few can find the spot, the vast majority need reservation; Even can buy stock, the price is quite expensive, SiWuBaiKuai. At this time in yiwu commodity wholesale suppliers, such as masks, goggles, disinfectant, such as the forehead temperature gun epidemic prevention products sell very well in group-buying community platform, including the forehead temperature gun source is relatively difficult to find. Another electronic supply chain service provider chips superman, founder and CEO Jiang Lei said, now it is ok that the forehead temperature gun is one of the industry's largest demand point, before this kind of products are small, you are not too seriously, suddenly the fire during this outbreak. And catch up with the return to work now, enterprises, restaurants, shopping malls to soaring demand for the forehead temperature gun, the entire supply chain completely failed to keep pace with, we have been busy recently and docking of various sources. She said. The forehead temperature gun Jiang Lei industry chain of the bullwhip effect, said infrared forehead temperature gun of this kind of product is not high technology content, components circuit is not complicated, its core component is the built-in infrared sensor, used to monitor the body temperature, translates into digital signal display on the electronic screen. And infrared sensor at the core of components is chip, this is also the entire forehead temperature gun products of the upstream supply chain. Before you think infrared forehead temperature gun is not necessary, so from a global perspective its capacity is also very limited. In the whole industry chain, the chip production capacity is relatively the most rigid. If a period of time, the demand for chips, particularly large fabs capacity will meet the bottleneck. It is understood that the current can supply wafer manufacturers are mostly distributed in mainland China, Taiwan and some European countries. Thanks to demand from infrared forehead temperature gun during the Spring Festival began to surge, therefore, for industrial chain vendors at each end, won't have time to prepare materials in advance. Have a wafer stock at the hands of the vendors can gradually resume production, no inventory of factory is very difficult to find the goods in a short time. In addition to the supply chain upstream of the chip production capacity shortage problem, at the middle and lower reaches of production end face Labour shortages due to factory delay to return to work. In the industrial chain middle involves the encapsulation process, infrared sensor assembly requires a large amount of manpower support, and at this stage a lot of factories are not fully resume production; Downstream of the industry chain will also require a lot of manpower to do the forehead temperature gun shell and circuit assembly, form the final finished product. Thus, the current capacity bottlenecks, the whole production chain layer on the face is not subject to the chip production capacity, is subject to the sensor assembly capacity. Jiang Lei analysis. Demand on the market for the forehead temperature guns lead to general price hype, aeriform in also enlarge the realistic dilemma of the out of stock. Jiang Lei judgment, development trend of the current outbreaks is one of the biggest variables, if the outbreak in 2 - To end in March, the contradiction between supply and demand in the 4 - June can ease, commodity prices will also be back on track; If the epidemic situation unclear, packaging production capacity and equipment assembly capacity will face the shortage of manpower. The current amount of temperature gun industry chain also reflects the contradiction between supply and demand at each end industry existing bullwhip effect. Jiang Lei analysis, the whole industry chain of exceptionally long chain, from the terminal consumer, the upstream processing plants, module factory, chip design companies, seal factory, fabs, long chain, when the downstream have a little bit of volatility, upstream will cause large vibration. Downstream demand rose 5%, for example, conduction to the upstream may become 30%; Downstream demand fell 5%, conduction to the upstream is probably fell 30%, the contradiction between supply and demand of the process is hard to balance. On the chain, the most rigid fabs status on the tip of the raw material to produce special: a fabs from construction to start will be a few years time, need a lot of money at the same time; If you want to develop a chip, the demand for at least 2 - ahead of schedule Place the order with 3 months. Chip manufacturing requires more aisle programs, in general, a fab to prepare the raw materials as many as three hundred kinds of directly, indirectly thousands of kinds of raw materials. On the raw materials for a chip, the more then the rigid demand is higher, the end to be the easy expansion, the chain is difficult to use the logic of flexible supply chain operation. Jiang Lei admitted that the electronic components industry on the Internet industry development is relatively slow, because the chain is too long too complicated, and the ability of each industry chain link is completely different. A picture is read infrared temperature measurement of the supply chain ( Chips superman for figure) If only for an infrared temperature measuring gun are relatively simple, is plastic shell and circuit boards; If you want to in-depth industry chain upstream, chips, circuit boards, chip wafer, and between wafer and chip encapsulation process, it's very complicated. Foxconn, byd can now easily horse mask production line, but the forehead temperature gun this product have a bayonet, chips and sensor for that light has won't work as well as assembly capacity.
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