Now brush face pay market hot, independent deployment probably how many money!

by:Fdata     2020-08-01
Brush face payment as at present the hot market project, investment is very normal, it is important to see if the investment is reasonable, development prospects and earnings, whether they have the resources and strength to do it, the agency fee and equipment costs are to consider, ali tencent although subsidies are all said equipment, but! In front of you need to take money to come and install merchants can use according to the number of transactions to the corresponding equipment subsidies. In a nutshell, the early stage of the equipment operation cost is the key to whether company, charge to provide technical and platform for cooperation is very normal, it is important to need on-the-spot investigation, do the research background of the company, and the technology is mature, service is perfect, and so on related problems is the key. Another brush face pay this project in two roles, service providers and agents, are directly and official cooperation, profit without third-party companies, agents and service cooperation, profit by the authorities give to service providers to the agent. Service provider cooperation models on the market at present, private independent deployment, stick a card, private independent deployment is looking for a technology company cooperation direct purchase technology, developed by the company responsible for later maintenance, all market FenRun profit is their channel, data resources is master in his own hand, the software is all your own brand, this is called a private independent deployment is large, OEM O investment ranging from 100000 to 300000. Need to register company, domain name registration, hire ali cloud service providers grafting system software, the preparation process must be a month or so. Stick a card, call the OEM small O, this is a software stick a card, but the server system, data resources is the summary to the server system above, FenRun is also the official settlement directly, and should be registered company to apply for isvs service is ok, this is relatively less than private independent deployment into many, the market is in commonly 10 - Around 150000.
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