Offline store closed, will be wearing a mask and how to through the brush face pay 'winter'?

by:Fdata     2020-05-27
In the new type of coronavirus pneumonia outbreak under the condition of continuous fermentation, wearing a mask is now recognized as the most effective measures to prevent infection. But wearing a mask also brought inconvenience in life, especially in the mobile phone to unlock, pay, need to face recognition technology such as punching, station ticket support scenarios. And environment in the current outbreak, to brush to remove mask face to pay, will lead to some health risks. Low outbreaks to brush a face the influence of the payment industry? In 2019, has been hailed as a brush face pay first, the industry also hyped brush face payment can give a peak in 2020. But under the outbreak, people will go out as long as wearing a mask, when the payment is not exceptional also, in the eyes and the head of feature points is too little, cannot guarantee the security, so pay cannot brush face. For brush face pay practitioners, affected by the outbreak, at least for nearly two months will face very serious test. Brush face pay this winter, how to survive? During the outbreak, brush face pay equipment into the decoration? Unable to brush a face pay, does that mean brush face offline payment equipment became a decoration, or can only become a piece of advertising screen? Of course not, brush face equipment also support qr code payment. On the market the most common dragonflies, for example, after the software upgrade technology, not only can brush a face, but also support pay treasure and WeChat code to pay, as long as the payment code when using close to the camera, can complete the payment. Therefore, during the period of the outbreak, the brush is not in the face, will pay equipment as sweeping brush face code equipment. In addition, although the offline most of the merchants of, but some industry is still operating security and epidemic prevention work, such as market, stores and pharmacies. According to some payment services, these has become the main source of water, during the period of the outbreak, pay practitioners are not crop failures. Low national policy support for the payment industry on February 1, such as the bank of five departments jointly issued 'on further strengthening the financial support for the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak notice, encourage clearing houses, banking financial institutions and non-bank payment institution for specific areas or areas specially engaged execute privilege service charges, this one for the payment industry unusually bright eye. After the central bank issuing unionpay and major commercial bank urgent fee discount plan formulation, the cash relief, consumption of key epidemic area preferential measures such as service charges. Moreover, local governments are also introduced support the policy of micro, small and medium enterprises, such as tax cuts and delayed tax cost, breaks the rent, research and development, help enterprises to survive. Low action: resistance to disease, priority services cannot be stopped with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, and diversified consumer demand, after the outbreak, offline each big industry is bound to usher in a vigorous market demand. No one winter insurmountable, the spring would not be coming. Epidemic for the whole industry, it is a good chance to shuffle, technology and service supports enterprises, large probability will be out. Believe that after the outbreak, brush face pay enterprise survive, will gain stronger market competitiveness, brush face payment market in 2020, will bloom again after the outbreak.
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