On the hospital canteen show high-tech wisdom, also don't want to eat when you are sick

by:Fdata     2020-06-02
At present our country informatization, the low level of intelligent hospital the canteen. Patient and escort order inconvenient, doctors' satisfaction generally is not high, the canteen management pattern, operation cost is not controlled, waste is serious, regulation is difficult! Just got off the operating room, and missed a meal, go to the canteen to eat too many people waiting in line, don't have any cash or card, patient and escort action not convenient, gave birth to the child to eat something special surgery, and so on a series of problems. These are a lot of inconvenience brought hospital repast, wisdom canteen system for hospital cafeteria dining scene also has a practical solution, laminating the mobile Internet trend of The Times, innovation to build a convenient mode of canteen. Below detail to everyone, the hospital canteen management system what has changed the traditional wisdom canteen disadvantages! 1, intelligent take sideboards take meal meal on the mobile phone app booking surgery, the products stored in which has the function of thermal insulation or cooling cupboard, flexible take food, without being limited by the dining room to work time, convenient repast surgeons hours are not fixed. 2, booking meal patient and escort in wards, using a handheld terminal equipment reservation, qr code of the head of a bed, never leave home can booking meals, support WeChat, alipay, meal card payments, don't carry cash safe hidden trouble. 3, canteen intelligent terminals, support the scene order, take meal qr code scanning, dishes details at a glance, reduce rice and repast personnel communication cost, improve the efficiency of rice. 3, real-time view cloud services through mobile phones end, view the dining room to the kitchen make the scene at any time, eat trust between teachers and students, enhance the sense of trust, put an end to food safety hidden trouble. 4, the whole process traceability chain from supplier, loading and unloading, recipes, order procurement, the whole process control of raw materials, product quality, ensure food safety. After 5, arguably hutch every dishes can be a small amount of sample, the dining product sample freezer to save. Implementation of food safety risk control, food security problems documented. Wisdom canteen management point of view also did in the canteen are disruptive adjustment, also has made more intuitive for the canteen management improvement. 1, managers set the purchase price of procurement management, to provide procurement staff cost reference price; Suppliers bid, inquiry, optimizing raw material purchasing channels, reduce raw material costs. Two dimensional analysis, decision analysis canteen daily operation data, check the profit and loss. By day, week, month and annual income, as the number of food sales, eating big data, help the canteen management decision-making. More than 3, inventory management, inventory management, inventory data linkage. Using bluetooth electronic scale and handheld terminals, for the accurate, allocate raw materials, inventory data clear. 4, financial management in the dining room order as the main line, cost accounting, financial accounting, revenue analysis, greatly improve the quality of accounting personnel work and the work efficiency. Wisdom canteen can easily manage the menus, do the meal card, repast personnel, procurement, enters sells saves, a key to see business data, marketing for the canteen management to provide efficient and accurate analysis method. Improve patient and staff dining experience, improve the level of canteen service and profitability.
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