Once upon a time, brush face payment is the Chinese industry's hottest tuyere, time to let all people think that brush face estimates will be the future

by:Fdata     2020-06-19
The main development direction, many people are asking when the mask into the standard, have no face to brush brush face pay can also have a future? A brush, face to pay as the prevention and control of grows, Chinese cities are required to enter public places of the staff must wear masks, temperature, premises also encourage consumers to use WeChat, alipay, mobile payment, etc. The brush face the mobile payment mode, encountered unexpected embarrassment consumers must wear masks at the mall, and merchants have no face to brush. Application scenario, the brush face payment is mainly used in offline restaurant, hotel and other service industries, affected by the outbreak, these industries are closed state, offline payment volume in the decline of the whole. Special stage, although restricted to decrease in the number of travel, offline payment volume decreases, but four mainstream way of offline payment, cash and credit card payment is limited by the liquidity of the bill and the contact of the bank card, utilization rate declined; And brush face pay the restricted to mask interference, poor experience, pay so esau code became the official recommendation and user preferred payment method in the heart, compared to other three mainstream, its minimum business affected by the outbreak, even have a promoting role. Wearing a mask is not, of course, means that can't pay the brush face completely, recently, an American designer Danielle Baskin abroad on social media, said she will face after the bottom half of the print on the N95 mask, can be successfully authenticated. It is reported, this product is developing stage, and has been named Face ID masks, expected after listed price is 40 dollars a piece. Just that price, I believe most people will not pay to brush a face masks to buy so expensive. In such cases, a lot of people are asking when encountering such unprecedented hit, brush face payment have a future? Second, the brush face there is no future payment? When we look at the whole market, should use a more rational attitude, cannot blind optimistic think quickly in the past, also need not excessive pessimistic think the industry completely without hope, we should be more calm in perspective: first, the core issue of current brush face exposed to pay. Current who had brush face payment crisis, but when we look at problems you will find the core issue of brush face pay also exposed in the crisis, this is the brush paid for facial biometric too reliant on face, but his face biometric actually are the most sensitive biological characteristics in the human body, there is no denying the face is more difficult for us to be fake, but his face was also focused on the human body is the most intensive and the most important organ, if there is a large scale of special circumstances, the face is often the most need to immediately be protected, if so, brush a face often than other terms of payment by the impact of the larger it is for this reason. Plus the face recognition is also a very important problem is the privacy, most people are not willing to actually own facial information is sent to the server, while the Chinese may be more lower for privacy protection in terms of relative importance, while most of the brush face payment providers have made it clear that actually won't collect user information of the face, but who can't guarantee, especially good for a period of time before the AI in face more let the fear of the next level. Secondly, brush face pay and other trouble. Brush still face payments are useful, but the problem is to brush face payments are dependent on equipment cost is still high, we studied the development trend of China's technology industry, a long time, the development of science and technology industry is the high cost of equipment to low-cost transfer, by the special equipment to general-purpose equipment transfer, this is irreversible fact hardware development, so we can see the traditional bank card pos opportunity has been replaced with the sweep code gun, specialized bank card will be integrated into the phone replaced by mobile payments, but brush face pay is not the case. Today's brush face payment is still in the stage of professional high cost of equipment, because the brush is still in the market face payments, but very brush face pay thousands of dollars for any company is not a small thing, once widespread promotion, laid the pressure will be very big, this is one of the biggest except core scenario the difficulty. Three, brush the face pay, of course, is not without its advantages. We see the current brush face scenes in the present circumstances in fact became an important part of the online scene, this is the personal authentication, in today's Internet effect has been an unprecedented amplification, the role of the brush face actually pay more into a face recognition function, most of the enterprise and government are all-round service comprehensive Internet, this is the acceleration process of the Internet for everyone to further increase identification requirements, although everyone in public because of the limit of the mask can't brush face pay, but in such situations in the home, want to handle business, brush face has become the best solution. So, the point of view of the current, brush face the future of the pay is very not clear, need to solve the question also many, need industry parties to work together to continue to expand, at least for quite a long time, can brush face pay also cannot be the mainstream of the payment.
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