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One store one seller normalization trend as the self ordering checkout in retail


● The self-service checkout terminals save labor cost for the restaurant and retail

The traditional retail stores normally need to hire a large number of sales or customer service employees. This issue always exists in supermarkets, restaurants. With the development of technology, intelligence technology has already permeated into multiple industries. In addition to the self ordering kiosk machines that we often see in Mcdonald's and KFC, did you see the self-service cash registers in supermarkets, the self-checkout counters in boutique and smart visual checkout counters in fruit stores?

Undoubtedly, the self-service ordering terminal and the self-service cash register can reduce a lot of labor for restaurants. According to statistics, the self-service ordering machine and self-service cash register can save 30-40% of the labor of ordinary restaurants and convenience stores. And the labor cost is indeed the most expensive. As the owners of the stores, they have to consider saving this part of expenses to earn enough margins.

● Most customers prefer self-service ordering in the apparel industry, no peddling
In the apparel industry, many people prefer the self-service shopping trend that no one peddling. They choose to complete self-service payment and don’t deal with store assistants. Therefore, the combination of RFID technology self ordering checkout counters in stores can greatly alleviate labor costs. The salespersons of traditional clothing stores have high labor costs, difficult management, and frequent liquidity. With the application of self-service checkout counters, so these issues will be solved, and one store only needs to employ one salesperson to easily open a business.

● The self-checkout counters solve the labor issue in fresh food retail.

The biggest problem of the fresh food industry is that the number of customers increases quickly during peak off-hours, and there are fewer customers during daily working hours. This kind of stores or marketplaces normally needs to employ enough workers for busy selling time. But it’s caused a waste of labor during leisure time.

Now the visual recognition self ordering checkout counters come out, this problem has been solved. It comes to help during peak off hours. It is nothing more than the cost of a few counters, which can save a few labor costs. After customers choose the fresh items, they can weigh at the visual checkout counters. The self-checkout counters can accurately identify the type and weight of the item and calculate the price. And the customer can easily complete payment. Multiple payment methods are available at the self-checkout counters, such as facial identity recognition payment, scanning payment QR codes, debit or credit card payment. It just takes a few seconds to complete the payment, which greatly improves the customer's shopping experience.

● The development trend of intelligent POS self-ordering kiosks in retail

Therefore, with the development of smart technology products in the retail, the most retail store operators will first consider how to save labor costs and choose intelligent POS terminals to invest in the stores, which will eventually cause ordinary store employees to lose their jobs. Of course, some customer service industry will exist for some time, especially the enthusiastic worker who is skilled in the service is still needed because customers come to enjoy and pay for their service, not the actual products. It is just that one store, one seller may become a normalization trend in the retail industry.

● Fdata self-service ordering checkout terminal custom solution service

Fdata is a quickly growing technology firm in the point of sale terminals. It specializes in the development and manufacturing of the self-service ordering kiosks and the self-checkout counters. They’re integrated face identity recognition pay, QR code mobile pay, debit card and credit card multiple intelligent payment methods. Fdata designs custom-made unique intelligent POS kiosk solutions and manufactures self-ordering checkout counter terminals for restaurant and retail industries.