'One thing a yard' PDA warehouse management for ins and outs of how to use a PDA _ printing equipment product traceability system

by:Fdata     2020-07-28
A brief introduction of each product, product traceability system of sheet is tasted, secondary packaging, packaging and other packaging at all levels give regulation of bar code, this data in production line with the dealer information uploaded to the server. Market inspectors can through hand-held terminals or cell phone APP in two ways, to the terminal store sales of products on the bar code or qr code to prevent channeling goods inspection, and according to the characteristics of a material yard, through the management of production, the sale tracking, packaging association, distribution management and the authenticity of a terminal to obtain product information, and the track of the products. Second, the system module shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , wireless PDA product traceability system is divided into four function modules: assignment of product code, print the barcode and label labeling, distribution management, terminal. Three, product traceability system features 1, mainly with the help of PDA handsets or cell phone APP bar code recognition technology, mobile communication technology, the product outbound and circulation to the distribution channels, sales area of coding, true and false information such as load, and through the mobile communication technology, tracking product coding, monitor the circulation of products, the real-time monitoring of the phenomenon of channeling goods falsify. 2, advanced equipment, high efficiency, the transregional solve very thoroughly, fully realize the informationization management. 3, by recording the query summary report feedback, it is concluded that more appropriate, scientific operation programs. 4, product traceability advantages: 1. By scanning the qr code can obtain products and distributor information, simple, convenient and fast. 2. Can save a lot of time cost and manpower cost, improve enterprise efficiency. 3. Qr code using encryption, bar code generation for effective management of enterprise. Real-time monitoring products in the process of logistics market sales situation, prevent the transregional happens, is advantageous for the enterprise management. 4. Can improve the quality of enterprise service set up the enterprise brand image. 5. To reduce the loss of customers, increase the consumer satisfaction to the enterprise, to facilitate consumers purchase business products.
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