Outbreak, catering, retail, business super merchants survival guide!

by:Fdata     2020-07-19
Outbreak, the people to buy vegetables and other daily necessities to become a big problem, and food and beverage industry is struggling. Market is supply and demand, now the main problem is the way of the deal. On February 9, the Ministry of Commerce market operation department deputy director from defense under the State Council from spreading mechanism spoke at a news conference: vegetables package booking pattern is worth promoting. Wuhan some electrical business and large business super platform to explore vegetables package booking mode, that is to say, the first day can pass WeChat order, the second day invite themselves to the store. This way, improve the efficiency, reduce the burden of enterprises and reduce the stream of people gathered, was welcomed by the residents. We think this way is worth around the promotion. Press conference of defense under the State Council, spreading mechanism digital model, many enterprises are actively exploring catering to try to win the fight disease. Guest safe system function is rich, the Internet as much as possible to help businesses/stores with new mode operation, increase revenue, through outbreak. Here is the guest easy for merchants to provide the outbreak of the solution. Make full use of the online sales model: special epidemic period, should try to reduce the staff contact, online sales is the key point of the development of the business. With the aid of delivery capacity, siebel will be turned into online stores catering service. During the outbreak, siebel online revenue accounted for more than 80% of total revenue. As a result, businesses need to build their own online sales platform, guest safe system, the Internet can help business development WeChat take-away, store outside the small program, can also provide Meituan, hungry takeout docking services to help businesses to expand online sales business, break the radiation of the limitations of physical stores. Using the online sales model, on the one hand, can reduce the delivery platform for service spending, on the other hand also strengthened the flow of private domain itself. The following detailed to introduce the guest easy WeChat merchants small program: in terms of the client, the user can order by WeChat small programs, specific operation process is as follows: 1, into a small program that merchants to order or choose package; 2, after add goods orders; 3, choose shipping way: outside send/offline come undone. In terms of merchants end, business operation process is as follows: 1, the small program to check the order; 2, orders to confirm; 3, production orders and delivery; 4, users receive information.
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