Outbreak of inspiration: infrared measuring temperature, self-help cash register such as intelligent hardware will become the mainstream?

by:Fdata     2020-05-13
Outbreak period, no contact with the key words became a part of people's life. Want to eat delicious, take-away can choose out of contact distribution, want to go to the supermarket purchasing goods, no contact with self-service register can let you don't have to face to face with the cashier, reduce the risk of infection on human interaction. Want to work in office, no contact with online meetings and online collaboration software can get most of the work; Even want to send a meal or for the patient to hospital disinfection, can be completed, robots out of contact, to reduce the workload of medical staff. Distance between people is very circumstances the most basic courtesy and accomplishment. Outbreak of take-out launch contactless services actually out of contact and non-contact these concepts, as early as the electricity ShangGang rise period began to rise. With the development of hardware technology and intelligence, and a new meaning and background. During the epidemic prevention and control, for example, temperature detection is the first control. Everyone has to measuring temperature, the temperature measurement in the process of how to ensure that reduce staff infection risk? Using non-contact infrared temperature detection terminal is in many places are solutions, application in railway stations, office buildings, residential area that can complete the foot traffic, such as temperature detection work. And the infrared temperature measurement terminals don't have to wear a face mask, not afraid of infection, also can on duty 24 hours a day, also can reduce the front protective material shortages. Like sky wave facial recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980, built-in binocular cameras, can support binocular live detection of face recognition, more the use of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, rapid accurate temperature measurement. Sky wave temperature identity check terminal TPS980 for office buildings attendance access control, fingerprint attendance at present the country called for enterprise also suspend the contact class attendance equipment. Even an elevator it is best to use contactless way. For example, now some companies are using face recognition attendance terminals to attendance, as long as employees face information platform of the input, face recognition terminal identity verification can be done, even with the mask can identify employee identity, and even control access gate or lift switch, access control attendance non-contacting. No one supermarket in vulcan hill hospital, and provide the retail scene and an example of a non contact service. Without the cashier, none of the users in the selected items in the supermarket, can be done directly on the self-service register goods scanning and sweep code to pay, to reduce staff contact and infection within the special scene. Customers in the convenience store to use self-service register check in new pneumonia outbreak this special background, can actually make contactless services become a habit. Once the develop the habit of using non-contact service, will bring users various unmanned scenario for the future. Out of contact and non-contact, through technical links into more rich content for every life. Rely on these non-contact service to make the society to the greatest extent to operate properly.
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