Outbreak of return to work, the infrared temperature measuring terminal played a big role!

by:Fdata     2020-05-13
As to effectively control the outbreak, many companies throughout the country have to return to work. But to do the safety prevention and ordered to return to work, also need to be more comprehensive deployment. Recently, the researchers to return to work staff infection risk: scenario simulation calculated temperature, preparing employees wear a face mask if you don't do protective measures such as frequent hand washing, there will be 45% infected workers. In the office for a scenario of infections can be divided into the long stay in the office, commuting road and foreign visitors. The experimental results show that lunch ( Meal not wearing masks, closer to each other between the personnel etc. ) At lunch scene infection, 72% employees. Enterprises belong to the population intensive place, want to block the path of infection, need to be found early, early quarantine and epidemic prevention principles. Now the country has to return to work, every day almost all the need for temperature detection in and out of the company. In order to prevent imported infection, for visitors to visit our company, will also take identification and temperature detection measures. Sky-wave temperature identity check terminal TPS980 mild facial recognition support test many companies also use infrared temperature measuring terminal face recognition at a distance. Way is to reduce the contact, the original card and fingerprint attendance machine is suspended use, face recognition can help achieve employees clock in attendance requirements. 's temperature measurement function is necessary under the outbreak, more can realize the non-contact infrared temperature measurement temperature, spreading the virus through personnel contact, at the same time, reduce manpower temperature measuring large workload. Traditional artificial temperature measurement are more time-consuming infrared face recognition temperature measuring terminal to reduce personnel contact, no temperature measurement personnel hand-held infrared temperature measuring gun for testing at a time. Like the sky wave intelligent face recognition temperature measuring terminal TPS980 can finish testing in 1 meter, reduce close contact, to achieve temperature for 24 hours, when temperature anomalies found, real-time voice warning, help to rapid screening test temperature anomalies. According to statistics, every increase an infrared temperature measuring terminal, can guarantee the 10 inspectors from infection, and quickly detect temperature, to avoid the spread of disease. Companies use facial recognition temperature measuring terminal while the infrared measuring temperature terminal will be more easily affected by environmental factors such as outdoor temperature, humidity, but the application in the enterprise office this scene in the city, just can give play to the role of its rapid temperature, combined with facial recognition and employee database, even wearing a mask can identify staff identity, meet the demand of enterprise effective resume work and security and epidemic prevention, rapid recovery will boost domestic industries.
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