Outbreak period of everyone wearing a mask, pay treasure to dragonflies brush face can't use the payment?

by:Fdata     2020-05-28
Affected by the new crown virus pneumonia outbreak, large and small dining retail establishments, cinemas and other places of entertainment are forced to suspend business. Offline store business is heavily influenced by the impact. Also hit and payment providers and use brush brush face face to pay vendors. At present, pay the dragonfly promotion proceeds mainly by brush brush face face pay user transaction flow and subsidies, but the outbreak period, everyone with a mask, brush face pay you also need to take off the mask to face recognition, this operation will stop a lot of brush face pay users. During the outbreak, the main brush face pay cannot use alipay dragonfly? Want to so, brush alipay dragonfly face pay cash register function too single. Here, the sky wave intelligent small make up take you looking for new profit point to brush a face pay and new ideas! As a brush face pay cash registers, pay treasure to dragonfly besides brush can support face pay, can also support scan code to pay, advertising information, member management, and other functions, with small program development, to expand the more features and value-added services. The marketing of the members, let the shops and the close interaction alipay dragonfly can connect alipay, issuing electronic card for the customer. Don't have to manually fill out information, cost fabrication cost and customer on alipay dragonfly completion of payment, businesses can issue electronic card to pay treasure account customer binding, safe and fast. The outbreak during the lockout, businesses can also through the members to push sales promotion information, keep in touch with interaction. After the outbreak, it is easier to hook up the customer's impression, with a copy. Convenience stores use alipay dragonfly self-help order + F1 self-help cashier, brush face cash registers are turning into a self-service register alipay dragonfly back to pay treasure to the giant of Internet technology, through the pay treasure to small program on the platform for development, pay treasure to dragonfly brush face cashier that also can realize self-help cashier order, self-help, and other functions. Even can't brush face epidemic period, and possible applications in restaurants, convenience stores and other places of catering and retail, from brush face pay cash register has become the non-contact self-service register and self-help order machine. Alipay dragonfly brush face pay cash register after small program development, can realize sweep commodity code, billing, and code to pay, and other functions, can also reduce the cash the cashier and artificial cashier contact transmission risk, reduce labor costs. Pay cash register alipay dragonfly brush face combined with small program can realize self-help order from the point of the outbreak, non-contact equipment will be a major trend in the future. During outbreaks, many restaurants and supermarkets in take-away distribution will also launch contactless distribution services. To sweep the yards from the cash payment, one of the advantages is reduces the contact of the bill, to reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, also belong to a kind of contactless services. In the future, the diy cash registers, self-help order these without human contact way of service will be accepted by more people, and no contact thermometer, no contact attendance machine, diy cash register, self-help order the self-service equipment such as machine to also will become a big market demand. Hamburg Wang Liansuo restaurant use self-help order machine outbreak will be in the past, but each industry how to sum up experience, the reflection of their vulnerability, to improve its strength, build stronger moat, will help them quickly from this crisis a foothold, grasped the nettle.
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