Outbreak period of retail non-contact payment self-service checkout equipment hot!

by:Fdata     2020-08-13
Affected by the outbreak, the global food and beverage retail was devastating. According to the American cafe booking site OpenTable for Europe and the United States nearly 6 shops seven passengers is expected to cut by 98% than last year. Retail self-service checkout equipment comparison on Europe and the United States, China's food and beverage retail impact is relatively small. Way is human resources in China are less pressed, many take-out little elder brother and express little brother become one of the streets NiXingZhe during outbreaks, ensure that most of the food and beverage retail industry and the masses can maintain normal life of the people's livelihood. Box Ma Xian, even offered to employees concepts that can be transposed work temporarily unemployed workers, closed don't stop, can flexibly, to maintain social order. Second is online and mobile payment developed in China. In crowded supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants, such as self-help settlement cash registers, self-help order machine and support scan code can not only reduce the line, such as paying the supermarket cash register can decrease as far as possible close contact, reduce the risk of cross infection. Self-service checkout equipment domestic retailing has many supermarkets and restaurants have install the self-service checkout equipment, and a self-service checkout equipment abroad while also early, but because most people are accustomed to using cash, credit CARDS and be paid, and code to pay for this kind of contactless payment popularity is not high, most of the time need to cashier clerk manually collection. In this very period, the shop assistant's demand rose sharply rising the labor cost of retailers. Even after the outbreak, supermarkets no longer need these suddenly a huge increase in staff, can also cause subsequent personnel redundancy and the huge pressure. Past the supermarket self-service checkout equipment is mainly in order to accelerate the cashier efficiency, reduce line and manpower cost, and now, it's more sweep through code, brush face payment the popularization of mobile payment, such as reducing interpersonal contact, can limit your chances of infection. When rich, retail self-service checkout equipment. The outbreak caused the influence of different level to the world, and how to strengthen ability to resist risks in the outbreak and the ability to quickly recover, science and technology will play an increasingly important role.
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