Outbreaks by heat with temperature measuring terminal face recognition, and epidemic prevention tool!

by:Fdata     2020-04-27
Outbreak, masks to identify how hard it is, each enabled mobile phones of face recognition on switch friends all know. The phone is can't be wearing a mask equipment faces. In the era of brush face, wearing a mask of face recognition has become a big problem. Traditional face recognition algorithm, have been unable to hold such a large area condition, there are three main difficulties: 1, a mask seal face, lost a lot of facial features directly; 2, in the short term to collect a large number of wearing a mask face image, training algorithm is difficult; 3, face recognition system includes detection, tracking, recognition, such as multiple modules, affects to them. The good news is that the AI engineers open roads meeting the mountain with water, now wearing a mask the bridge, face recognition has been set up, and have opened up. From science and technology research and development team, when technology is guaranteed. Follow the below small make up together, when science and technology F0802 - hit the market at present PLUS facial recognition check terminal temperature! ! ! ! 1, high temperature precision, quick screening by integrating matrix infrared sensor, when rich, intelligent entrance guard temperature measuring machine by testing the temperature precision of plus or minus 0. 3, if the temperature is beyond the normal range, the voice alarm to remind. 2, relying on the backend database, wore masks can also be face recognition by up to 30000 zhang's face bottom library data, combined with the AI algorithms, can be in the case of wear a face mask for face recognition. And, once the recognition to the workers did not wear face mask, will not only capture upload, voice alarm on the spot. 3, the machine size, support wall, vertical loading, etc. , easy installation, face recognition when temperature detection + facial recognition access control attendance machine size as tablets, installation can choose wall or stand, save floor space and manpower. Can see, when rich facial recognition temperature detection + facial recognition access control attendance machine has many advantages, not only can make up for the forehead temperature gun for functional defects, also can save the epidemic prevention and control of human. From the world in recent years, a variety of infectious diseases to the analysis of the evolution trend of the future multi-functional intelligent face recognition temperature the opportunity to become a standard flow through screening.
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