Parts delay, back again, face recognition temperature measuring equipment effective power of school campus! _ a smart card and the card read equipment

by:Fdata     2020-05-25
Released recently, the guangdong provincial schools last time, now back to still have a month of time, to guangdong epidemic development and current situation, is it safe to reopen? This should be a lot of parents want to know. On April 12, Beijing announced the three starts at the beginning of the time, that is to say, the only time the beginning of the hubei has not revealed. Epidemic control, many provinces are to return to work resumption of schooling but in recently, because of the outbreak risk level rise, shandong jiaozhou three high school time will delay: the jiaozhou now local risk level rise, CDC departments are epidemiological investigation, and find out, after confirm the safety of school evaluation. In addition to the shandong jiaozhou, Harbin has also announced later graduated from junior high school grade school: one, was scheduled on April 17, delayed the start of junior high school grade, depending on the time of the beginning of the epidemic change notice. Second, on April 7th grade school graduation continue to class, district and county ( City) , each high school to strengthen management, strictly implement the prevention and control measures to ensure the safety of teachers and students life. Actually in guangdong announced the resumption of school this time, the guangdong overseas cases are still increasing input, classes from school to school just over a month, about the safety of such cases to reopen? Recently, academician zhong nanshan classes is the national problems, highlights the two points, also the other responded to the classes of primary and secondary schools in guangdong, we together and see it ~ in the interview, about to reopen is revealed several key information: back to the core problem is the students gathered, school classes, the premise is that students have no recovered well after infection or infection; Second, the need to consider the distance of the students in class, the students in the classroom needs a certain distance between. Back to the time problem, parents may be controversial, member of the clock says: resume work resumption doesn't have to wait until all the schooling, the infections to minimize as much as possible. All reset to resume work resumption is unrealistic, and schooling such meetings on social economy and people's life have a big impact. In addition with the arrival of summer, the temperature gradually raised, member of the clock pointed out that in summer, virus activity will fall, by that time, parents also don't have to worry about children have been wearing a mask to go to school. So parents still don't need to worry too much, the opening time whether to need to delay will be connection with the development of epidemic situation fully evaluated. Orderly resumption of school after the school will complete each epidemic prevention and control measures. Is at present the country has been the major schools of school reports, many schools are in serious health screening and isolation have distance management, such as the enrolled are in need of special facial recognition when temperature measuring instrument, the classroom of class arrangement, the dinner arrangement in the canteen, dormitory accommodation arrangement, etc. , many schools are careful arrangement. Smart devices in power resumption of school campus school very to force! In this small Po still want to remind you that our dinner, gathered themselves together, and stick to its protection is in a public place for children to normal school to reopen the best support. We only make sure that their families safe and unharmed, can ensure that a class a school is the best support for the entire social disease resistance.
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