Payment industry the most let people relish all brush face paid, have to say into public view two years brush face payment is now open into the comprehensive stage

by:Fdata     2020-06-18
The current view, pay treasure and WeChat payment paid by brush face market competition is particularly fierce, sweep face get red envelopes subsidies uncapped, giants in the field of brush face to pay the same, with the large subsidies grab market. Pay treasure to brush a face first in 2015, IT show in Hanover, Germany, ma demonstrated for the first time to brush face payment technology, until September 1, 2017, after the alipay announced the KPRO in KFC restaurant brush face to pay online, pay brush face began to commercial lane. Announced on August 15, 2018, pay treasure, pay its brush face already have commercial ability, will face a variety of business scenarios spread brush face payment solutions, pay treasure to brush a face began to accelerate pay for commercial applications. On December 13, 2018, pay treasure to announce brush face payment product dragonfly. Released in April 2019, the second generation of dragonfly, brush will face to pay with electronic members get through, implement brush face namely members; In September, dragonflies further upgrade. Upgrade and pay treasure to subsidies. September dragonfly released new products at the same time, pay treasure to announce to brush a face payments from the original 3 billion yuan to no limit. To be specific, the subsidies are divided into three gears are for domestic brush face of self-service equipment, merchants each get a brush face users, 0. 7 yuan bonus, commission for six months in a row, merchants monthly up to 800 yuan bonus, the highest single device can get 4800 yuan bonus; Brush face cashier equipment for desktop, pay treasure to commission five consecutive months, the highest single device can get 2000 yuan bonus; For dragonflies series equipment, commission five consecutive months, the highest single device can get bonus of $1600. The subsidy way until March 31, 2020. From the time point of view, WeChat brush face steps after pay treasure payment. In December 2017, WeChat pay the first face fashion shop floor shenzhen wisdom; In May 2018, tencent optimal cooperation with WeChat pay brush face payment system in formal use carrefour in Shanghai tianshan; In March 2019, WeChat pays out brush face equipment frog; On August 26, 2019, WeChat pay the official launch of carrying scan code, double screen WeChat frog pro. Unlike alipay, WeChat pay not officer xuan brush face pay subsidies, there is a market source said, to brush a face WeChat pay subsidies to 10 billion. WeChat pay says WeChat pay brush in the promotion of the hardware of the face has a normal supporting policies, including the brush face payment providers have certain subsidies, mainly based on hardware devices combined with brush face of pay incentives. For ordinary users of marketing activities including random set, weekly WeChat such full reduction, coupled with brush face payment activities such as meeting etiquette. For large hospitals, business super, brush face can greatly improve efficiency, for some shops, also need some member management ability, cashier just a shallow level of functionality. In terms of the whole mobile payment market, pay treasure to current firmly occupy the market share in the first place. Analysys, issued the third-party payment in China mobile payment market quarterly monitoring report 'in the second quarter of 2019 showed that pay treasure and tencent financial market share has reached 92. A mild increase 83%, year-on-year, still occupy a dominant position. Pay treasure to the second quarter to 53. A 36% share of the keep the market first, tencent financial market share to 39. 47%, ranked second. Brush face pay widely accepted the giants to promotion, will take time for brush face pay fall to the ground and usage? At present, supermarkets and convenience stores is where the brush face payment application more. Reporter saw a century lianhua supermarket in hangzhou, self-service checkout deployed six support pay treasure to brush face pay self-checkout machines, supermarket staff told reporters that ordinary brush face was asked to pay, but people use or not. In mobile payment is also developed in shenzhen, the reporter visited the huaqiang north and found that after shopping park with many merchants, and hangzhou, part of the chain of convenience stores, milk tea shop and a few large supermarket has brush face payment device. A 711 convenience store clerk tells a reporter, the convenience store company directly cooperate with alipay, store equipment are made by the company. Shenzhen area a chain of milk tea shop clerk said the same equipment is uniform distribution company, however, brush face paid utilization rate is not high, if not the clerk reminding customers can use the brush face pay, won't volunteer requires the use of general customers. Another milk tea shop clerk said, in addition to scan qr code, sweep the face too much, now a lot of customers are young people, try to use. Reporters in shenzhen visit, pay treasure to brush a face coverage than WeChat payment. Reporter only at a wal-mart store found WeChat brush in face of payment, the wal-mart already has installed a self-service checkout equipment, recently opened up a new area as WeChat brush face pay equipment checkout area, less artificial invoicing channels. At this stage, considering the equipment cost, cost factors, such as brush face pay concentrated in the central merchants, KA merchants, brush face pays for sweeping code is a good supplement, is a more convenient payment, now you acceptance, however, were not so high. An unavoidable problem is that the public concerns about the safety problem of brush is still face payment must exceed the past a barrier. But to brush the face is a trend, no mobile phone this medium, can improve the user experience for C side, the B side businesses can do member management operations.
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