Payment under the new change 丨 outbreak, self-help cashier, identification of intelligent hardware ChengXinChong!

by:Fdata     2020-05-31
Recently, the WHO WHO raised money might be carrying a new virus, people contact with money before touching the eyes, mouth, can lead to interpersonal communication, calls for consumers to use less cash, reduce the risk of infection. Our country also began in January intensify disinfection of money, including ultraviolet or after high temperature sterilization, sealed storage in 14 days began to flow again. Outbreak, mobile payment ( Including scanning code payment, credit card payment, brush a face, online payment, etc. ) Being the most commonly used method of payment. But we also know that now the most commonly used mobile payment qr code also has some deficiencies, such as easy to exchange or implant virus url, the password leak could lead to capital losses, etc. Payment link is the most important is safe, and ensure safety is the most important is to confirm the payer identification. Brush to pay is the use of physiological characteristics unique body face to authenticate, brush face pay equipment of face information identification, identity verification, by the coded data corresponding to the extremely complex to realize payment. Sky wave intelligent sweeping brush size box face pay also can reduce the dependence on password, qr code, and mobile, non-inductive pay. Although under the outbreak, brush face pay because everyone mask covered face, hero is useless. But after the outbreak, brush face pay will usher in a new development. Ever pay just for itself, but with the wisdom of the city construction and the big data management, pay also can satisfy the system requirements. Recently, Hohhot, a taxi driver infected with the new crown pneumonia, local center for disease control is through the mobile payment by the car's passengers, to find the range of close contacts to lock in time infection. At present, in many cities such as shenzhen, foshan, ride public transportation systems are introduced real-name yards, passengers can sweep on the bus code to register personal information, to ensure the traceability. Passenger bus need flicking yards real-name registration if you use the code to pay or brush face pay bus, these include the steps of personal information can be omitted, the passengers brush face pay, can automatic identification, and upload real-time data to database, convenient quick check and back scheduling personnel data, if have confirmed with car who will receive notifications. Similarly, in the supermarket, shopping malls, restaurants these crowded places, swept through yards and brush face payment, can support the identification and fast payment, not only can reduce exposure, let users pay more secure and convenient, the city management can have the effect of improving efficiency. In addition, a kind of payment will be more common. , from the original cash needed someone to collecting, counting, change and a series of actions, and code to pay, the cashier to calculate amount payable, customers scan qr code to pay, in the recent fire mountain no buffet in the supermarket cashier to pay, the whole process doesn't need the participation of the cashier, after scanning by the customers themselves or mobile self-service settlement and payment, reduce labor costs, also reduced the number of interpersonal contact. Convenience stores, self-service register outbreak, bring many industry ecological change. Payments industry will also to mobile payments, unmanned, biometric, real-name system, such as direction, bring more safety and convenience to our life.
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