PDA 丨 barcode scanning terminal warehouse management system make the operation easy, make the warehouse management to improve efficiency. _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-06-24
Authors proposed modern warehouse management efficiency plan: in the fierce competition, period of opportunities and challenges, and to the development of an enterprise puts forward higher demands on management. The enterprise warehouse as a development of a solid backing, need more high precision management, all of them, and so the use of warehouse management system of the greater benefit. Here said the warehouse management system is not equal to warehouse management software, especially on market now so magical free warehouse management software. These many warehouse management software based on excel or similar template, although seemingly warehouse management commonly used functions are compatible, but still rely on manual input data, and with most companies are using ERP, CRM, such as system integration, information island failed to solve the problem, to really solve the problem of warehouse management will use barcode warehouse management system, shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , barcode warehouse management system can control of the storage and implementation process of each link management, data acquisition automatically by the PDA, remove the hand writing data and sent to the computer input steps, data warehouse is more timeliness and accuracy, even for the flow of goods can be automatic tracking. At the same time, barcode warehouse management system has a high degree of integration, can be used with the ERP system integration, avoids the problem of information island, also for the correct use of the ERP system provides accurate data support, improve the efficiency of enterprises. Scan barcode warehouse finished product packaging warehousing, first of all, by the barcode scanning terminal box of the product on the barcode scanning outsourcing, then select the corresponding customer information, storage information and position information, and then transmit the data to a batch barcode warehouse management system, the system will automatically generate receipt, inventory and increase the corresponding products. Scan barcode, outbound goods out of the storehouse with PDA barcode scanning scans the bar code on the outbound cargo terminal, barcode warehouse management software automatically generated outbound order, at the same time, barcode warehouse management software will automatically update the product inventory. Barcode warehouse management system could satisfy the requirement of different according to different needs to generate reports. Such as: production inventory statistics, inventory statistics, prevent the transregional different statements, such as tracking management. In the course of the barcode scanning, warehouse management system with PDA barcode scanning automatic verification and afferent terminals, automated process control, such as: automatic generation of picking orders and download to the terminal; Automatically compare picking Numbers; Teleport picking information to the back-end systems. Automated process can greatly enhances the working efficiency of the outbound. Scan barcode transfers as an important step of warehouse management link, often need to allocate products, with the aid of bar code management system, allocate assignments have become very relaxed, scan the barcode, finish product allocate work easily. Scan barcode inventory in the warehouse management system, the inventory management system will produce inventory list, you can according to the size of the warehouse, choose to be full warehouse inventory or positions in inventory. Warehouse barcode management system configuration equipment choice 1) Bar code label printer: recommend aywaille fast distribution of the addition of barcode label printers, the equipment in the production or packaging workshop for instant print bar code labels. Bar code label printer is a professional design for the printing bar code labels the addition of bar code printers, compared with the ordinary printer, simple interface, easy operation, has a very powerful hardware and software technical support, high precision printing, large amount of output. So, in the production workshop aywaille choose fast distribution of the printer to print bar code label can meet the production requirements of a large number of real-time print. 2) Data collector: used to implement the inbound, outbound, library, storage, collection of goods, such as operation of automatic data acquisition, can be through wireless real time or batch type transport data record of operating condition of the goods to a computer. 3) The wireless AP ( Batch mode when not required) 1) barcode software management system Warehouse management software: the software can be carried out on the production data, inventory, outbound data processing, generating production inventory report and inventory report, out of the warehouse report, and according to the different requirements could satisfy the requirement of different printed statements. 2) Or 3) ERP management system Or other enters sells saves the MIS management system such as bar code software requirements 1) PC or server 2) The WINDOWS operating system
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