PDA barcode supplies - in-out warehouse management system Improve the efficiency of warehouse material management work

by:Fdata     2020-06-24
The system adopts B/S ( 浏览器/服务器) Structure design, Microsoft c # tool development, 2000/2005 background using Microsoft SQL Server database, realized the unification of the internal business system coordination, facilitate unit of large amount of data storage and query, system running speed and the accuracy is high, the reserve system for future business expansion at the same time a large number of channels, facilitate business late adjustment and more related system integration. System design follows the applicability, advanced, ease of use, security, scalability, maturity design principles. Advantage 1, ready-made barcode supplies system help unit management personnel to improve work efficiency, to avoid human error, reduce work intensity. 2, intelligent location tracking, material fifo management; 3, timely warning prompt functions, the realization of upper and lower bounds for inventory, purchasing recipients of real-time alarm; 4, provide hardware and software data interface, and even can implement seamless interactions, and related equipment data for unit system upgrading, development in the future to lay the foundation. System based on a large number of professional hardware equipment, normal operation of the equipment to ensure the stability of the system, is the production workshop management system is the premise of safety, high efficiency, stable operation, including: 1 bar code technology application advantages, accurate and reliable. Have data to check the keyboard on average every 300 characters a mistake, and bar code input on average every 15000 characters a mistake. If plus the parity bit error rate is one over ten million. 2, fast data input. Keyboard input, a typist 1 type 90 words per minute. 6 seconds can input 12 characters or string, and using barcode, doing the same job only 0. 3 seconds, increase speed by 5 times. 3, economic cost is low. Compared with other automatic identification technology, and promote the application of bar code technology, low cost. 4, improve the efficiency of item management. Barcode PDA handset technology as a tool, items can quickly query, positioning, loading and unloading, inventory, and at the same time with the aid of software management system for tracking management items. 5, flexible and practical. Bar code as a means of identification can be used alone, can also be automated recognition of recognition system and related equipment, can also be linked with other control equipment to realize the automation management of the whole system. At the same time, in the absence of automatic identification equipment, also can realize manual keyboard input. 1, system management system function: to achieve data backup system restore, users and permissions management, operation log management functions such as 2, basic data: on basis of information in the system maintenance, such as: organization, category, equipment, personnel, warehouse, suppliers, up and barcode information such as batch. 3, business management, realize the unity of the day-to-day business management. Including: purchasing management, storage management, in-out warehouse management, drawing management, inventory management, scrap management, maintenance management, cost management, and other functional modules. 4, accounting management: according to the business data real-time upload form corresponding laundry list, subsidiary ledger. 5, decision analysis, realizes the intelligence summary of data and statistics, and form different statistical analysis report, Plato, and provide solid data basis for leadership decision-making. Implementation benefit shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. , PDA material in warehouse management, warehouse management for the barcode solutions introduced in bar code technology, the arrival of the goods to warehouse inspection, inbound, outbound, allocate, shift of the library, inventory inventory data of all operation processes such as automation of data collection, ensure warehouse management each work link efficiency and accuracy of data input, to ensure that enterprises timely and accurately grasp the real data of inventory, reasonable to maintain and control the business inventories. Through scientific coding, batch items can also be easily managed, shelf life etc.
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