PDA barcode warehouse management system _ warehouse management software to improve the execution efficiency, reduce the labor costs! _ printing devices

by:Fdata     2020-06-09
Warehouse management in the industrial, commercial, or is important link in logistics PeiSongYe, but management is not an easy thing. In modern warehousing, the product quantity, type and in and out of the storehouse frequencies are greatly increased, and the original manual administration not only expensive, and are unsustainable, especially for some products with shelf life control of inventory management, it is difficult to achieve effective fifo, products very often due to expire dispose, warehousing costs have been high, managers have a headache. But modern technology is changing, especially the bar code technology. Since it was born since the first day, and it becomes attached to the warehouse. Bar code technology as a link, connecting the various phases of the warehouse operation in the process of information together, can track the whole process of product from into the library to the outbound. Vast intelligence barcode warehouse management system is the introduction of bar code technology in warehouse management, the arrival of the goods inspection of warehouse, inbound, outbound, transfers, move the library each work link data such as shift, stock for automated data collection, avoid human input error, at the same time greatly improves the execution efficiency, reduces the manpower cost, rapid, accurate and low cost way to provide good service to our customers. PDA barcode warehouse management system the main process: first of all, according to the customer database in the existing system is analyzed, the bar code to identify each product is established, using bar code printer to print bar code, serial number bar code labels are produced by, at the end of each bar code should be included in the relevant information of the products. ( The custom by the customer) And can include the product name, specification, quantity, bar code serial number, date of inbound and outbound date, etc. When purchasing storage, users need to use the bar code printer to print out this batch of products of bar code label, completed its initial information collection, then the system directly using the serial number of the warehouse receipt of column scanning gun scan the serial number label, when the purchase orders to save the goods, the system automatically in the corresponding product inventory increase automatically. In the system of warehouse management, customer first is the initial inventory management ( The initial information gathering) , when purchasing goods inventory increased automatically, when the outbound sales, inventory system automatically, while normally allocate does not affect the change of the whole inventory, so inventory can only be modified by inbound or outbound, otherwise you won't change, and the administrator can query the specific types of inventory at any time. When sales of warehouse administrator on the outbound order item serial number column using direct scanning scanning gun, when saved. besides, system automatically reduce the inventory of the product in the inventory. Vast intelligence barcode warehouse management system in the process of product development and upgrading, constantly tracking the customer requirements, constantly tracking information technology and constantly absorb new after-sales service management thought, fully embodies the perfect combination of high degree of functional and technical, and will bring real benefits to the customers.
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