PDA mobile enters sells saves, help businesses create 'wisdom stores'

by:Fdata     2020-06-23
Meet the demand of different jobs, collaborative office sales staff: mobile query inventory, order anytime and anywhere, at any time at any time query commodity price; Warehouse management personnel: always know the loading and unloading, inventory quantity, system of professional efficiency, inventory, easy to check; Procurement staff: the pin order kanban, timely query should purchase commodities, check purchase order tracking, inventory early warning, timely check, intelligent replenishment; Intelligent replenishment, let the inventory keep reasonable state through inventory alert Settings, buyers can quickly understand what materials need to purchase, to rapidly develop procurement plan. Through intelligent replenishment functions, can be set according to passenger flow material replenishment condition, once the trigger to inventory early warning, initiate purchasing application directly to the supplier. Keep inventory is always at a reasonable level, avoid the broken goods and lack of material, reduces the capital takes up, improve inventory turns. Reduction for numerous, multiterminal general operating interface simple and clear, quick learning, APP, WeChat multiterminal gm, information synchronization, mobile phone billing check inventory, quick hit single. At the same time, data real-time backup tencent cloud, redundancy backup, data more secure. Shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. # 【 https://haohantechPOS. 淘宝。 com】 Sales data, intelligent analysis, accurate calculation, operation condition be clear at a glance! The digital management system to achieve the business process, all business documents number system, purchasing, sales, inventory and other documents automatically synchronized to the financial system, a key generation proof, no need manual statistics, without financial repeated record sheet, greatly improve the efficiency of financial work and data accuracy. Through its independent business accounting, which can realize to each store sales, accurate accounting cost, profit, graphical display all statements. The boss on the phone can see every store operating conditions. According to the goods sold out, slow-moving, procurement and sales promotion plan, quick adjustment of products structure, to maintain a reasonable inventory quantity, improve inventory turnover rate, reduce inventory backlog of funds, the query at any time such as sales, profit, promote the property owner decision-making, free configuration support industry attribute configuration, meet the needs of different industries. Clothing shoes and hats, for example, industry, color/size/style multiple attribute support; Food and medical industry, batch/shelf life management, shelf life intelligent early warning; 3 c digital industry, serial number, color, version, suit property management. Enters sells saves the documents directly into the accounting vouchers, convenient billing, account, clear shenzhen vast intelligent terminal technology co. , LTD. # 【 https://haohantechpos. 淘宝。 com】 Enters sells saves the documents can be directly transformed into accounting documents, no need manual statistics, without financial repeat our catalogue. System automatically classified summary, generate funds statements, operation condition be clear at a glance; Single, ar/detail, receiving customer statements, supplier statement, let each fee, traceability, verifiable exchanges reconciliation accurate and efficient. Customer testimonials through online enters sells saves the headquarters to precise control of each store real-time inventory, sales goods, formulate efficient distribution plan, make the store more reasonable inventory level. Store a separate accounting cost and profit, the headquarters can view all stores operating data, stores management condition be clear at a glance, enhance the level of the brand operation of Paris bei sweet. Online enters sells saves the opening sheet can be anywhere at any time to check inventory, financial personnel through the cloud enters sells saves the review relevant orders directly, save the communication cost, unit 6 of the original planning, now only four people, save the human cost, improve the work efficiency and inter-departmental coordination, help miguel campos technology faster growth.
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