Pillar type brush and face temperature measuring machine power winning resume work resumption outbreak schooling at all!

by:Fdata     2020-05-27
Self-help intelligent temperature measurement, masks intelligent recognition and tips, self-help brush face attendance is so smart! Recently, longyou, zhejiang province, a primary introduction of brush to ensure the resumption after schooling face temperature measuring machine accurately and efficiently in epidemic prevention and control management, visitors need to aim the face when they face recognition can be seconds speed display temperature detection machine temperature data, simultaneous speech, and automatically generated with automatic temperature attendance record and complete the data statistical analysis and reporting, only a few seconds to complete registration, temperature measurement, smooth admission, is very convenient, smart. Words, in return to work resumption of schooling, Open Day for access to staff to measure body temperature is a necessary measure for disease prevention and control, compared with using the traditional hand-held infrared thermometer must be controlled by security guards at the door, in addition will inevitably be a lot of manpower and leak and efficiency too slow and lead to staff retention and gathered themselves together, and at the same time staff once they are easy to cause the spread of infection, adds the risk of cross infection. It is worth mentioning that with the improvement of domestic epidemic situation at present, in some areas at the same time as the outbreak has also entered the resume work resumption model of schooling, how to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control under the premise of school starts smoothly, to return to work and production enterprises, is the social, school and enterprise face a major test. I liked this, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Technology as more than 20 years professional networking intelligent face recognition from things terminal product development, production and sales as one of the manufacturers, to win the return to work resumption outbreak tough schooling, introduced a pillar based on thermal imaging temperature measurement (face recognition entrance guard machine Optional hanging, brake machine and post) And the high level of safety, high accuracy and automatic intelligent personnel real-name in and out of the temperature detection warning; On the basis of the original face recognition machine into the infrared temperature measurement function, brush a face can be easy to open the door, temperature test and attendance not only can effectively detect and prevent possible outbreak potential risks, at the same time can provide offline face recognition, multimachine networking applications, intelligent visitor management, staff attendance, masks intelligent recognition and prompt, self-help intelligent temperature, high temperature intelligent early warning, early warning and the detection of multiple functions such as in vivo blacklist, relaxed auxiliary unit of each return to work, school, community, office buildings, medical establishments to realize rapid screening temperature was abnormal. At present the product has comprehensive promotion listing, and successfully put into use in hundreds of top 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises, and the height of the new and old customers affirmation and praise. In conclusion, the new champions league since the outbreaks, epidemic prevention and control work is facing great pressure, people in the face of the infectious disease protection consciousness also gradually improve, current and future needs to all kinds of protective measures in response to influenza, pneumonia and respiratory infections such as easily through the air, droplet and contact transmission of infectious diseases. The deployment of simple, suitable for all kinds of public pillar type brush and face temperature measuring machine not only can do when emergency protection, disaster at ordinary times, and for disease prevention and control and function of health emergency management system construction to provide new ideas and new ways, greatly improve the safety and efficiency of the epidemic prevention and control work, and to ensure the safety of the people's lives.
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