Play an important role in the epidemic prevention and control technology. Put an end to imported cases increased.

by:Fdata     2020-07-25
Xi chairman said such a words: the final victory over the outbreak, the key depends on science and technology. Yes, as small make up a POS industry also feel the same way, in the great battle, is science and technology play a good role. With diseases of the most powerful weapon is science and technology, man's triumph over great pandemic, the science development and technology innovation. At present, the epidemic prevention and control of the struggle has two fronts: one is the epidemic prevention and control of the first line, the other is the scientific research and the production of goods. In order to boost the epidemic prevention and control, and many technology companies have joined the war of no gunpowder smoke, a few days to assemble a masks, protective clothing and other medical supplies production line; Research and development for hospital and isolation is out of contact send medicine to send content of robot; Development of virus nucleic acid testing reagent; A variety of technical route of vaccine research and development, the intelligent recognition temperature control facial masks, there is no one not by science and technology in the research, difficult. Only a line of prevention and control of scientific research, clinical, mutual cooperation, closely cooperate with enterprises, the phased victory can be achieved. At this crucial moment of resistance to disease and epidemic prevention, even if not you are in epidemic area of hubei, we still cannot treat STH lightly, has also has relevant foreign imported cases of confirmed cases in succession in the report. Controls to prevent epidemic must not relax, epidemic prevention and control of the intelligent temperature detecting device is put to use, railway stations, airports, communities, parks, office buildings, office buildings, sites, such as access flow gate place is intelligent temperature detection terminal comes in face recognition, compared with the traditional one gun ( Artificial temperature gun test) , facial recognition intelligent temperature detection terminal this epidemic prevention of the non-contact detection method is more safe and effective. When rich, intelligent terminal temperature detection, face recognition with masks recognition, face recognition lock machine at the same time without having to remove the mask, terminal system can automatically identify whether by wearing a mask, and synchronous detection temperature and overtemperature will have high temperature warning, if any, impassable. Face recognition intelligent temperature detection terminal after comprehensive listing, has been widely applied in various industries, there are also part of the product has to supply the line of resistance to disease, has obtained the good market feedback. Science and technology is good and reasonable use of good science and technology contribute to mankind, it is the power of science and technology's biggest!
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